Drive Enterprise edition

Google Drive Enterprise edition gives your organization unlimited cloud storage, Google's suite of collaborative Docs editors, and administrative controls. You get all the Drive and admin features of G Suite, without the cost of services you might not need, like Gmail, Calendar, and Meet.

Price: USD $8 per active user, per month, plus $0.04 per GB

*Upgrade if you already have Cloud Identity or Chrome Enterprise, but you don’t have G Suite

You can also buy Drive Enterprise through a Google Sales representative or local reseller.

All you need is a business email address

Use Drive Enterprise with a small team at your company, simply by signing up with your business email address. Then optionally unlock more features by verifying  you own your domain. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up with your business email address (email verified). You can then add other users who have email addresses in the same domain. For example, if your address ends in, you can use Drive Enterprise with other people whose addresses end in

    Note: You can't sign up with an address at a public web host like or Instead, you must use a custom address, such as for a business or organization. 

  2. Optionally unlock more business features (domain verified)—If you're the owner or IT admin for your organization's domain name, you can unlock more features, such as identity management, security controls, and auditing. You also take over management of any existing Drive Enterprise users in your organization. 

Compare key features below.

Includes all Drive features

Drive Enterprise can provide the full suite of Drive features, including:

  Domain verified Email verified
Files available any time, any place

Get to Drive files from any location on any computer or mobile device. Learn more

 ✔  ✔

Use shared drives to collaborate more easily within project teams or departments. Learn more

 ✔  ✔
Data loss prevention

Scan files for sensitive content to prevent users from sharing it with people outside your organization. Learn more

Google Vault

Retain, hold, search, and export Drive files. Supports archiving, eDiscovery, and compliance. Learn more

Robust audit logs

Monitor when your users view, create, preview, print, update, delete, download, or share Drive content. Learn more


For a list of all Drive features, see the G Suite Comparison chart. To Learn more, click any feature in the chart.

Identity management

Drive Enterprise can give you administrative control over user profiles across all your organization's domains.

  Domain verified Email verified
Add and remove Drive users

Control who in your organization can use Drive Enterprise. Learn more

 ✔  ✔
Assign a super admin role

Give another user full administrative control over your organization's Drive Enterprise account. Learn more

 ✔  ✔
Assign custom admin roles

Give other users a specific set of admin controls, such as for a Help desk. Learn more

Manage user profiles

Reset Drive users' passwords, add photos, and update employee information. Learn more

Manage security settings

Enforce password strength settings and 2-step verification.

Add domains

Add other domains you own to your Admin console so users in those domains can use Drive Enterprise, too. Learn more


Bonus services

Drive Enterprise gives you the following services, too:

  Domain verified Email verified
Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawings

These Docs editors make collaboration easy, and are included with Drive Enterprise at no charge.

 ✔  ✔

Admins and users can manage personal and global contacts. Learn more

 ✔  ✔
(New) Google Sites

Create and publish internal sites for teams, projects, or events, all without technical skills. Learn more

 ✔  ✔ 
Groups / Groups for Business

Create admin-controlled groups and mailing lists. Host community forums or collaborative inboxes. Or let users create their own groups. Learn more 


Google Keep

Capture, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, anywhere. Easily create task lists, action items, voice memos, and more. Learn more

Upgrade access to G Suite

Easily upgrade to a G Suite, to get Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and other collaborative apps.  


Usage-based billing

You pay only for active users and storage used in your organization for the previous month. Learn more.

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