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Essentials edition

Video meetings, cloud storage, and collaboration tools for teams

Small teams at a company or school can use Essentials to collaborate with video meetings, chat messages, shared files, and online docs. With Essentials, you get:

  • Google Meet for secure video meetings
  • Google Chat for efficient group and direct messaging
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for content creation
  • Jamboard for digital whiteboarding that works with Google Meet
  • Google Tasks for tracking your tasks on your computer or phone
  • A few bonus services

You also get easy tools for managing team members and their file sharing permissions.


Essentials is USD $8 per active user per month, which includes 100 GB of pooled cloud storage per user, with a maximum of 2 TB pooled storage for your team.

For details about billing and storage limits, go to How Essentials billing works.

All you need is a business email address

Use Essentials with a team at your company, simply by signing up with your business email address. You can then add other users who have email addresses in the same domain. For example, if your address ends in, you can use Essentials with other people whose addresses end in

Note: You can't sign up with an address at a public web host like or Instead, you must use a custom address, such as for a business or organization. 

Learn more and sign up

Includes Meet, Chat, Drive and other features

Video calls, content storage, and collaboration

  • Voice and video conferencing—Host and join video meeting from anywhere with up to 150 participants Learn more
  • Group and direct messaging—Communicate and collaborate efficiently from anywhere with Chat. Learn more
  • Pooled cloud storage—Combined storage limits for everyone on your team, up to 2 TB. Learn more
  • Content collaboration—Use shared drives to collaborate more easily within project teams or departments. Learn more
  • Files available any time, any place—Get to Drive files from any location on any computer or mobile device. Learn more
  • Productivity suite—Easily create and co-edit files with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Learn more
  • Digital whiteboarding—Collaborate in real-time with coworkers to share and visualize ideas with Jamboard. Learn more
  • Tasks tracking—Assign tasks while collaborating in Chat rooms, and keep track of all your tasks on your computer or phone. Learn more

Team management

  • Add and remove team members—Control who in your organization can use Essentials. Learn more
  • Assign a Team admin role—Give another user full administrative control over your team's Essentials account. Learn more

Bonus services

  • Google Calendar—Schedule video meetings and other events more easily, and get reminders about upcoming activities. Learn more
  • Directory—Members of your team can manage personal and global contacts. Learn more
  • Google Keep—Capture, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, anywhere. Easily create check lists, action items, voice memos, and more. Learn more

For a list of all Essentials features, see the Essentials site.

Unlock additional features for your domain

If you're the owner or IT admin for your organization's domain name, you can unlock account (identity) management features, such as the ability to create user accounts and manage user profiles and password strength. You also take over management of any existing Essentials users in your organization.

Learn more about using Essentials with your domain.

Usage-based billing

You pay only for active users in your organization for the previous month. Learn more

Storage limits

You also get pooled storage across your organization. Storage increases with each user that joins Essentials, up to a limit. Learn more

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