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AppSheet is available in all Google Workspace editions for creating applications, but requires separate licensing. AppSheet Pro licenses are included for Google Workspace Enterprise Plus customers. Compare editions.


AppSheet is a no-code development platform that enables anyone without coding experience to build mobile and web applications. 

AppSheet apps are built from data sources like Google Sheets, Excel, Cloud SQL, Salesforce, and other similar connectors. App user activity is synced to the connected data source(s). Learn more about AppSheet data connectors.

Apps are dynamic and can be used across mobile devices or browsers. Design the interface of applications using UX templates to create maps, calendars, dashboards and more. Automated workflows can also be incorporated into apps for doing things like sending notifications, generating emails, creating custom reports and modifying data across any connected source. 

Steps for app creators

  1. To get started, visit and sign in using your Google account, or create an application from Google Sheets by clicking Toolsand thenConnect to AppSheet.
    1. When connecting a Sheet to AppSheet via the Sheets Tools menu, ensure your Sheet contains tabular data, with clear column headers and some rows of data
  2. From, click My Appsand thenCreate a new app to create a new application from an existing Google Sheet or other connected data source.
  3. Customize your app using the AppSheet Editor.
  4. Visit Usersand thenUsers to share the app with team members through email invitations or by granting access to an entire domain. App users of deployed apps require paid licenses. Ask your administrator about your subscription and learn more about pricing.

Steps for administrators

Google Workspace Enterprise Plus users who create AppSheet apps will be entitled to create and publish apps with AppSheet PRO features to other Google Workspace Enterprise Plus users of the same organization at no additional cost.

Important: Starting October 6, 2020, AppSheet Pro is included for Google Workspace Enterprise Plus users.

In order for your organization to use AppSheet, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to the Admin console and go to Appsand thenAdditional Google Services to confirm that AppSheet is enabled as a service in your organization. See details in Turn AppSheet on or off.
  2. Purchase user licenses for your team at by going to My Accountand thenBilling or by contacting sales.
  3. Invite team members to use AppSheet on by going to My Teamand thenMembersand thenInvite Members.

Open sheets in AppSheet from Google Drive

You can open spreadsheets in AppSheet directly from Google Drive.

  1. Right click a Google Sheet in Drive.
  2. Select Open withand thenAppSheet.

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