Selectively distribute mobile apps

This feature is available with G Suite Business and Enterprise editions, or Drive Enterprise edition. Compare editions

You can distribute an app to some people in your organization, but not others. You can also distribute different app settings to different people. For example, you might automatically install a sales app on mobile devices that are used by people in your sales department. Or, you might let your support team add widgets from an app to their home screen. 

To do this, add users that have specific requirements to organizational units or groups (if you use Google Groups). Then, distribute the app with your desired settings to those organizations or groups. For details, see Distribute an app to a specific group of users.

Use Google Groups to distribute apps

You can distribute apps to one or more groups. You can specify different app settings for each group. If a user belongs to more than one group that you distribute the app to, the settings for the group that’s highest in the list apply for that user. To reorder groups in the list, next to the group name, click Move Move and drag the group where you want it.

Note: If you distribute an app to a group that has another group as a member, the app is distributed to the users in both groups.

Use organizational units to distribute apps

You can also distribute apps to one or more organizational units. You can specify different app settings for each organization. Organizations inherit settings from their parent. Therefore, distributing an app to a high-level organization distributes it to all users in that organization and its sub-organizations. For details, see How the organizational structure works.

If a user belongs to an organization and a group that you distribute an app to, the settings in Google Groups apply for that user.

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