Use new DLP for Drive

Beta: View the new Drive DLP Data Protection Insights report

View sensitive data types and files with sensitive content in your organization.

The Data Protection Insights report lists the sensitive data types in your organization, and the Drive files with that sensitive content. This report is generally offered quarterly, but might be furnished more frequently during Beta.

Only super admins can view this report. This data is available if you are using G Suite Enterprise Edition.

Sign up for Data Protection Insights report beta

Administrators for G Suite Enterprise can complete the G Suite DLP Test Application form to enroll in the Beta test.

How does Google produce these quarterly reports?

Google performs proactive DLP scans for all Drive files based on a set of detectors to help you detect sensitive data. A set of 50 common detectors from this list is used for detection of sensitive documents. Each admin receives a custom quarterly report based on the data in their environment.

Note that the reports might have some false positives. While G Suite detectors attempt to leverage the highest available likelihood threshold, there can be instances where detection may be limited based on the files in your applications.

View the Data Protection Insights report if you are a DLP admin

  1. Sign in to your super administrator account with these privileges:
    - Organizational unit administrator privileges.
    - Groups administrator privileges.
    - View DLP rule and Manage DLP rule privileges. Note that you must enable both View and Manage permissions to have complete access for creating and editing rules. We recommend you create a custom role that has both privileges.
    - View Metadata and Attributes privileges under Security Center > Investigation Tool > Rule (required for use of the investigation tool only)
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Security > Data Protection.
  3. View the quarterly report. The report is display-only, and cannot be configured or modified.
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