Set up basic mobile device management

If you have the legacy free edition of G Suite, upgrade to G Suite Basic to get this feature. 

Use basic mobile management to enforce passwords on devices and keep your organization’s data safe. You can also wipe corporate information from lost or stolen devices and manage apps on Android devices. You can see which devices are accessing your organization’s data in the Google Admin console. 

You won’t be able to apply policies to mobile devices. For more control over device policies and passwords, to manage apps on Apple® iOS® devices, and for the ability to wipe all data from devices, set up advanced mobile management.

You don’t usually need to do anything to set up basic management—it’s already set up for you. Users don’t need to install any management app or profile on their device. They just sign in to their corporate account on their device.

Note: Basic mobile management might not be on by default for some accounts. For details, see Stay secure with default-on mobile management.

Before you begin

  • See what devices are supported—Android and Apple® iOS® devices are supported. For details, see Minimum device requirements.
  • Organize your users—Use organizational units to apply different settings to groups of users. For example, you might want to use basic management for some users, and advanced management for others. For details, see About user and device policies.
  • Notify your users—Tell users that you're going to manage the mobile devices that they use for work. Let them know about your password requirements.

Turn on basic mobile management

If you ever used mobile management and turned it off, use these steps to turn it on again.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Devices.

    If you don't see Devices on the Home page, at the bottom, click More controls.

  3. On the left, click Setup.
  4. Click Mobile Management.
  5. (Optional) On the left, select an organization.
  6. Turn Enable Mobile Management on or off On.
  7. Select Basic.
  8. Click Save.

Now users in your organization can sign in to their managed account on their mobile device. If the user doesn’t have a device password set up, they’re asked to create one before they can access their account. Android device users can view and install apps that you whitelist for them from the Work Apps tab in Google Play. You can see devices that are accessing your organization’s data in your Admin console. 

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