Use breakout rooms in a video meeting

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Learn more about the requirements and Google Workspace editions that support breakout rooms in Google Meet.

In Meet, if the meeting moderator allows, you can join a breakout room and have a discussion in a smaller group. You can’t currently live stream or record breakout rooms.

Create a breakout room

Only moderators can create breakout rooms. If needed, you can transfer the meeting to another moderator.

  1. On your computer, start a video meeting.
  2. At the top, click Activities ""and thenBreakout rooms.
  3. Click Set up breakout rooms "".
  4. Choose the number of breakout rooms. You can create up to 100 breakout rooms in a video meeting.
  5. (Optional) To set up a timer for your rooms:
    1. Click Timer "".
    2. Check the End breakout rooms after a set amount of time box.
    3. Set the timer amountand thenclick OK.

      Note: Each room will display a 30-second countdown before the timer ends. To edit or remove the timer, click Timer ""and thenuncheck the End breakout rooms after a set amount of time boxand thenclick OK.

  6. Meeting participants are automatically distributed across the breakout rooms. To manually move people into different rooms, choose an option:
    • Enter the participant’s name directly into a room.
    • Drag the participant’s name to another breakout room.
    • To randomly mix up the participants again, click Shuffle "".
    • To move all the participants back into the main call, click Clear "".
  7. When you’re ready to start using breakout rooms, at the bottom, click Open rooms.

Join a breakout room

If you’re a participant, you can speak to or send chat messages to other participants in a breakout room. Your moderator can join each breakout room at any time during the video meeting.

  1. From your computer or the Meet mobile app, join a video meeting.
  2. When your moderator invites you to join a breakout room, you’ll see a prompt on your screen. Click or tap Join. If you click or tap Cancel, you still remain in the main video meeting.
    Note: If you dialed in using your phone, tap *2 to go to your breakout room, move between breakout rooms, or return to the main room.
  3. (Optional) To leave a breakout room, at the top, click or tap Return to main call.

Edit, leave, or end breakout rooms

If you’re the moderator, you can make changes to or join rooms to monitor and participate in discussions.

Note: Moderators won't see chat messages between participants before they join or after they leave a breakout room.

  • To make changes to the participant groups or number of breakout rooms, under Breakout rooms, click Edit rooms "" and thenmake your changesand thenclick Save.
  • To join an individual breakout room, next to the room, click Join.
  • To leave a breakout room, click Leave.
  • To end breakout rooms, under Breakout rooms, click Close rooms Roomsand thenClose all rooms.
  • If a participant asks for help, you get a notification above a breakout room. Next to the room that needs help, click Join.

Transfer a meeting to another moderator

Anyone who schedules or starts a video meeting is the moderator. There can only be one moderator per meeting, but you can transfer the meeting to someone else if needed. Learn more

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