Remove a Google Apps service

If you don't want anyone in your organization to use a particular Google Apps service, remove it from your account. You can remove any core service such as Gmail, Chat, Hangouts, and so on, as well as services you added from the Google Apps Marketplace.

When you remove a service, none of your users can access it. However, you can add the service back later and they won't lose any existing data. If you remove Google Drive, for example, users lose access to their online documents. But if you add Drive back again their documents are restored.

Gmail messages expire in 30 days. If you remove Gmail for more than 30 days, users lose all messages. Adding Gmail back after that time results in empty Inboxes. For details, see Remove your Gmail service.

To remove a Google Apps service:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console
  2. From the dashboard, choose the type of service you want to remove (Google Apps or Marketplace apps). Then select the service you want to remove to view its settings.
  3. Click the link to uninstall the service. The link appears near the bottom of the page, and might appear on a separate sub-page for your service.

    The service is removed from your list of Google Apps or Marketplace services in the Admin console.

Want to remove a service only for some users? Don't remove the service as described here. Just turn it Off for select organizational units. For details, see Turn services On or Off.