Turn on or off Google Apps services

As a Google Apps administrator, you can control whether services such as YouTube or Google+, are available to your users by turning on or off services in the Google Admin console. You can turn a service on or off for everyone or only for people in a particular organizational unit. When users sign in to their Google for Work account, they see only those services that are turned on for them.

Need help finding Google Apps, Marketplace Apps, or Additional Google Services?

You'll find a new Apps icon Apps hub icon on the dashboard through which you can control access to all the Google apps and services you and your users need.

1. Find the service in your Admin console

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. To configure a service for some users, but not others, group those users in an organizational unit.
  3. From your dashboard, click Apps then one of the following controls, depending on the service you're turning on or off:
    • Google Apps for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, and other services in the Google Apps suite
    • Marketplace Apps for any service you've added from the Google Apps Marketplace
    • Additional Google Services for Blogger, YouTube, Google+, Google AdSense, and these other free Google services

    Google Admin console

In Additional Google services, the Top Featured Services filter is on by default. To see all the available services, you must remove the Top Featured Services filter by clicking X in the top corner. To restore the filter, check the Show top featured services box in Filters.

2. Turn on or off services

After finding the service in your Admin console, click below for steps to:

Turn on or off one service
  1. Find the service you want to turn on or off by following the steps above. For example, to turn on Gmail, click Apps > Google Apps to see the Gmail service listed.
  2. For the service you want to turn on or off, click Settings at the right of the service listing and choose ON for everyone, ON for some organizations or OFF from the menu.

    services on/off menu

    If you choose ON for some organizations, the organization tree appears in the Turn on service dialog.

  3. Select the organizational unit for which you want to turn on or off this service.
  4. At the right of the tree, click either the Override or Inherit setting (whichever is available).

    By default, an organizational unit inherits the Master setting of its parent organization, so you only need to change settings you want to customize. However, you can override the inherited setting by explicitly changing the setting to Override for the child organizational unit. The new setting applies to users in that organizational unit, and any children of that organizational unit inherit the new setting.

  5. If you clicked Override, change the On or Off setting as desired for this organizational unit.
  6. Click Apply.
Turn on or off several services
  1. If you're turning on or off several services for an organizational unit, click filter on the services page you opened above to display Filters. Then, select the organization.
  2. Move your pointer to the service icon you want to turn on or off and check the box that appears.

    Select services checkbox

    Check the boxes next to one or more services.

  3. Click to turn on those services, or to turn off the services.
  4. In the dialog box, click the button to turn on or off the services.

It might take up to 24 hours for your changes to take effect.

To turn on new services by default, see Opt in to new services.

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