Managing access to services

When you sign up for a Google Cloud product like G Suite, its services are typically added to your account and turned On for your users. Your users also have access to several additional Google services and any services you add from the G Suite Marketplace. In many cases, you don't have to do anything to make these services available to users. But some services might need to be enabled. Or you might want to turn Off services you don't want people to use. 

To manage which services your organization can use:

Turn services On or Off for users

Use your Admin console to turn individual services On or Off—either for all users or specific users. Only users with the service turned On will be able to use the service.

Note: Some Google services don't have an individual On/Off control in the Admin console. However, you can use the Admin console to turn On/Off all of these services at once.

Assign user licenses for products you purchase

If you purchase more than one Google Cloud product, such as G Suite and Cloud Identity Premium, you receive a certain number of user licenses for each product. You must then assign licenses to the people who should use that product. This applies only if you've purchased multiple Google products.

A few G Suite services need to be added to your account before you can turn them On, such as purchasing more Drive storage. For details, see Add services to your account.
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