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Q1 2020

March 9 Improved Google Ad Manager experience, new Data Transfer fields for NativeStyle and NativeFormat

Traffic and deliver ads

Improved Google Ad Manager experience

For the last several months, we listened closely to your feedback and introduced a number of improvements. You can now benefit from improvement in the following areas:

We continue to listen to your feedback and work to improve your experience. Thank you for your partnership and for choosing Google Ad Manager.

Report and optimize

New Data Transfer fields for NativeStyle and NativeFormat

Beginning on February 26, NativeStyle and NativeFormat fields are available for Data Transfer reports. For non-Native ads and Native ads that aren’t associated with a style or format, the field will contain an empty string. The related Data Transfer sample files have been updated.


February 24 MCM Manage Account for resellers, “Ad server begin to render” metric expanded, Universal search for campaigns

Manage inventory

MCM Manage Account for resellers

Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Manage Account delegation type is now available for Ad Manager 360 reseller partners. Gain access to child publisher accounts to help monetize their inventory. Contact your account manager for more information.

Report and optimize

“Ad server begin to render” metric expanded

Mobile app impressions generated by native or interstitial ads, Programmatic Guaranteed, and Preferred Deals are now included in the “Ad Server begin to render impressions” metric in Ad Manager reporting. Note: Backfill isn’t included in this metric.

Universal search for campaigns

Line items and proposal line items now open within the same page instead of through a slide-in panel. Slide-in panels took over the entire page, preventing easy access to universal search. Opening these items within the same page allows you quick access to universal search to find items and navigate between them.


February 10 Update to Google Ad Manager System Maximum and Limits, Active View metrics, Pricing rule card, Bids data

Manage inventory

Update to Google Ad Manager System Maximum and Limits

Google Ad Manager system maximum and limits now clarifies the intended uses for specific line item types: Sponsorship line items, Standard line items, Price Priority line items, Network line items, Bulk line items, and House line items. Publishers have until May 1st, 2020 to familiarize themselves with the requirement and, for the very small subset that are impacted, come into compliance with the new requirement. Read the policy change log.

Report and optimize

Active View metrics for publisher-hosted creatives

Active View metrics are now supported for publisher-hosted creatives for Programmatic Guaranteed. Active View tracks the viewability of ads, which helps determine how likely it is that an ad was actually seen by a user.

Pricing rule card (Beta) 

A new "Pricing rules" card has been added to the Overview Home dashboard. Use this card to compare how your unified pricing rules influenced your bid landscapes.

Bids data in Ad Manager Data Transfer (Beta) 

Ad Manager 360 publishers with access to Ad Manager Data Transfer can now view information about each of their auctions. The NetworkBackfillBids file includes details about every Open Bidding and Authorized Buyers bid for your inventory, whether the bid won the auction or not. The NetworkBackfillBids sample file has also been updated.


January 27 Creative bulk uploads, Demand Channel reporting dimensions, new reporting experience

Traffic and deliver ads

Creative bulk upload improvements

The creative bulk upload experience has been streamlined. Navigation between creatives is now easier, and you can apply changes to "Destination" and "Target ad unit size" across multiple creatives in your upload. Learn more

Report and optimize

Updates to Demand Channel reporting dimension

The Demand Channel reporting dimension has been updated. Exchange Bidding was renamed Open Bidding, both retroactively and moving forward for consistency within the product. Additionally, for publishers involved in the Network Bidding beta, this reporting dimension was also renamed Open Bidding.

New reporting experience for Ad Manager

We’ve designed an improved Ad Manager reporting experience, including several updates across the reporting user interface to streamline common processes. Learn more


January 13 Calendar improvements, greater text contrast, COPPA line item settings, new reporting experience, and more

Traffic and deliver ads

Calendar improvements

Calendar input across Ad Manager now requires fewer clicks. Features of the calendar are also now accessible via your keyboard. These improvements help streamline your work when trafficking campaigns.

Greater text contrast

The contrast of text across Ad Manager has been increased. Greater contrast means better readability and accessibility for everyone.

New line item settings for COPPA

COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) enforcement on reservation line items begins in January 2020 based on line item controls released in November. Learn more

Other product or Help Center updates

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