Types of video creatives

Video line items support a variety of creatives that can play in conjunction with video content or as stand-alone video ads without video content. See also Types of display creatives.

In-stream video

In-stream video ads appear inside of a video player before, during, or after video content. Supported assets vary based on hosting option selected. Learn more

Out-stream video

Out-stream video ads appear are shown outside of a video player, typically in articles, social feeds, between levels of a game, or perhaps other context. Learn more


Image ad that appears in front of the video content as it plays. Supported image assets can be uploaded to Ad Manager or remotely hosted. Learn more


Third‑party hosted ad that contains one or more video ads and/or overlay ads. Redirect creatives require advertiser‑provided VAST tags. Learn more

Set‑top box

Video ad that plays during streaming content from a set‑top box.

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