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Ad Manager video and audio line items support a variety of creatives that can play in conjunction with video or audio content. #videocreativetypes #videosolutions
Some video and audio features and settings might not be enabled for your network. Check which Video Solutions features are available to you or contact your account manager.

Add a new creative from a line item

To add a video or audio creative independent of a line item:

Click Delivery, then Creatives, then VAST creatives, then New creative.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.

  2. Click Delivery  then Line items.

  3. Open your video and audio line item.

    Optionally, you can click Video in the "Line items" menu to narrow your search to video and audio line items. You may have to click More in the "Line items" menu to choose "Video".

  4. Click Creatives, then Add creative, then New creative.
  5. Select the size of the creative and choose from the available creative types.
  6. Configure the settings. For audio creatives, choose Audio as the size.

    Media files uploaded to Ad Manager must be a minimum of 0.3 seconds.

  7. Click Save.

Once you've added a VAST creative to a line item, you can reuse the creative in other line items.

Settings for video and audio creatives

Some of these settings are optional, and not all settings are available for all creative types.

Skippable video

The "Skippable video" setting is available for video creative types. This setting allows the user to skip the video ad after 5 seconds. If you're using VAST 3 or 4, the network-level skip time can be changed in the "Skippable skip time" setting in the "Video and audio" section of the "Admin" tab.

While any video ad can be set to skippable, use caution for video ads with shorter durations. For example, you may want to deactivate this setting for a 7-second creative serving to a bumper position.

Ad Manager hosted or externally hosted video

Video creatives that use Ad Manager hosted or externally hosted video files can set the "Skippable video" setting to either Enabled or Disabled.

YouTube hosted video

Publishers that use Cross-sell for YouTube and video creatives that use YouTube hosted video files should set the "Skippable video" setting to In-stream select (rather than "Enabled").

In-stream select is a YouTube skippable creative format used in Ad Manager reservation (guaranteed) campaigns and sold on a CPM basis. There is a 30 second maximum duration for in‑stream select creatives.

In-stream select shouldn't be confused with TrueView in-stream ads, which are used in auction (non-guaranteed) campaigns and sold on a CPV (cost per completed view) basis. TrueView ads have no maximum duration. Only in-stream select is trafficked in Ad Manager; the auction for TrueView is handled by YouTube.

Skippable tracking

The "Skippable tracking" setting is available for redirect creative types. If activated, and a skippable ad is returned from the VAST redirect, Ad Manager allows VAST skippable tracking on the line item and creative. If deactivated, and a skippable ad is returned, Ad Manager does not allow VAST skippable tracking.

This setting does not force a VAST redirect to be skippable. The skip time of a redirect creative cannot be controlled by Ad Manager.


Ad Manager currently supports the following registries:

  • identifiers must be four letters followed by seven or eight numbers or letters (for example, ABCD1234567 or ABCD123456EF).

  • clock numbers should have three letters followed by a slash ("/"), four letters and three numbers followed by a slash ("/") and three numbers (for example, AAA/BBBB123/456).
  • ARPP Pub-ID validation is XX_XXXX_XXXX_XXXX_0000_000_D, where X is alphanumeric, 0 is numeric, and D is D or F  (for example: AB_C123_D4E5_67GH_0000_000_F).
  • CUSV (Auditel Spot ID) has 14 alphanumeric characters (for example, ABC123D4E567GH).

SSL compatible

The "SSL compatible" setting determines whether the creative is compatible with SSL pages, which begin with https://. By default, Ad Manager detects the SSL status automatically and serves to secure pages where compatible. You can select Manual to set the compatibility status manually. If set to Not compatible, it's not served to secure pages.


The "Labels" setting allows you to group objects.

Custom parameters

"Custom parameters" appear in the VAST AdParameters field and are used by the SDK.

  • Custom parameters are not available for redirect creatives.
  • For all except VPAID creatives, enter custom parameters as key-value pairs, separated by commas (for example, key=value,key=value).
  • For VPAID creatives, custom parameters are a string (not key-value pairs) passed to the creative from the SDK.

Third-party tracking URLs

Both "Third-party tracking URLs" and "Third-party impression tracking URLs" are used to measure ad metrics (not content metrics). These can provide details on user interaction with creatives for reporting and analytics purposes. You can enter multiple URLs for each type of tracking (except survey, custom click and click tracking, which only support one URL each). Redirects are not supported for survey URLs.

Internal redirect to Google Campaign Manager 360

When selected, Ad Manager calls the Display & Video 360 tag internally within the same server, rather than passing a VAST redirect to be executed by the client.

Allow multiple impressions from trusted server-side ad insertion (SSAI) (Beta) 

Available in the advanced settings of redirect creative types, you can allow trusted SSAI partners to accurately count and report all valid ad impressions to Ad Manager, for single video redirects returned by Ad Manager.

All impressions from the redirect have the same position in pod as the redirect. Multiple ads in the redirect are treated as a single position.

This feature is only for MRC-accredited SSAIs, which is currently limited to Google Ad Manager DAI. A non-accredited SSAI continues to count only 1 impression per redirect.

Custom field

These optional custom fields can be used to organize objects in reports. They're created in the Admin tab. They don't affect ad serving or delivery.

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