What's new in Google Ad Manager

Release notes for September 9, 2019

Manage inventory

Transition to a first-price auction

Starting September 10, Ad Exchange traffic starts to be transitioned in full to a first-price auction over the course of a few weeks. Ensure that you've set up Protections, URLs, and unified pricing rules according to the Guide for transition to first-price auction. Once traffic is transitioned, new Open Auction rules can no longer be created and existing ones will no longer be accessible. Learn more

Traffic and deliver ads

Target web and mobile app out-stream formats as well as in-stream video

With the recent launch of request platform targeting (RPT), you are now able to target web and mobile app out-stream formats in addition to in-stream video. Any line items created after September 4 without specific request platform targeting (including line items created via the API) are eligible to serve into web display and out-stream, app display and out-stream, and in-stream video. To minimize the impact of this change, all line items created before September 4th with empty RPT have been updated to target only in-stream video.

Report and optimize

Upcoming Ad Manager report type, dimension, and metric retirements

The existing Reach metrics aren’t compatible with the new version of the Reach report because it uses updated methodologies for aggregating data and calculating reach. The following Reach report metrics have been deprecated: "Average impressions / visitor," “Average revenue / visitor,” and “Unique visitors.” Going forward, Ad Manager 360 users should use the new Reach report and the new "Unique reach" metrics family. Learn more


Coming soon

  • Exchange Bidding is now Open Bidding
    Exchange Bidding has been renamed Open Bidding, which aligns Ad Manager with AdMob’s Open Bidding. This name change will roll out gradually in the help center and in-product over the next few weeks. You can continue to work with the same exchanges and networks through the yield groups functionality while we improve the product and move to unified branding. Learn more

  • Update your Tagless Request base URL
    Beginning September 15, 2019, your Tagless Requests will stop sending cookies correctly if you are still using the previous URL, http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/adx?. Please update the base URL to https://securepubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/adx? to ensure all requests are secure. Learn more

  • Simplified smaller ads
    We’re simplifying the process to serve creatives that are smaller than the original inventory size. Currently, you can use the flexible sizes Ad Exchange rule type to determine how small of a creative you’ll accept, or to opt out of smaller sizes altogether. When ad slot contraction launches, Google will automatically choose an appropriate range of smaller sizes that maximizes revenue while preserving user experience. The legacy flexible sizes rules and UI will be removed, and all networks will have this new functionality enabled by default. Learn more

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