What's new in Google Ad Manager

Release notes for October 1, 2018

Manage inventory

Ad Exchange UI tags converting to Ad Manager ad units

As of September 24, 2018, all Ad Exchange UI tags have been converted to targetable Ad Manager ad units. You can use the Tag Generator to generate both GPT and Ad Exchange tags for them. Each Ad Exchange syndication type (web, mobile in-app, video, or games) is being converted to a top-level Ad Manager ad unit. This change doesn't affect Ad Exchange tags placed directly on a page, or in a third-party ad server, which will continue to work. Learn more

Traffic and deliver ads

New geographical locations now available for targeting

We've added more locations around the world for targeting, including cities, neighborhoods, provinces, and more.

Third-party creatives available for AMPHTML ads

We've added support for third-party creatives for AMPHTML ads, enabling you to deliver faster, lighter, more secure ad experiences. When creating third-party creatives in Ad Manager, you can add an AMP variant of that creative. When the ad is served, Ad Manager retrieves the creative from that other ad server and delivers it to the user. Learn more

Manage network settings

Publisher profiles and Buyer visibility in one place

"Publisher profiles" for the Marketplace and "Buyer visibility" are now in one place. Previously, these settings were on separate pages. Placing them on one page eases management of related settings. Learn more


Notifications for deprecated APIs

See monthly notifications for any API applications that used a deprecated Google Ad Manager API version in the last week. If you have API access enabled, the notifications are enabled by default. You can see the notifications by clicking the bell Notifications in the upper right corner. The deprecation schedule is in the developer documentation.


Coming soon

  • Deprecation of video content hierarchies

    The video content hierarchy feature will be deprecated on October 31, 2018. Once deprecated, existing line items targeted to content hierarchies will be preserved. However, the option to target new line items will be removed. You can continue to target video content with key-values mapped from content metadata or content bundles.

  • Deprecation of SDK Mediation creatives

    The SDK Mediation creative type will soon be deprecated and stop delivering to mobile app content. Use Ad Manager yield groups instead. Learn more

  • Use long-lived page views to improve monetization of pages with dynamic content (Google Ad Manager 360)

    You'll be able to extend the lifetime of a pageview beyond the current limit of 30 seconds. Long-lived pageviews can improve monetization on pages with dynamic content where requests may be separated by more than 30 seconds, such as infinite scroll pages, pages with lazy loading, Single-Page Applications (SPA) and Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

  • Filter the Overview home dashboard by "Last 7 days"

    A new "Last 7 days" filter will soon be added to the Overview home dashboard. You will be able to access it from a drop-down menu at the top of the dashboard.

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