Release notes for Google Ad Manager

What's new on June 1, 2020

Traffic and deliver ads

Give buyers Makegoods

If a Programmatic Guaranteed deal hasn’t met its originally agreed-upon terms or performance, a publisher can create a Makegood on that deal. The publisher creates the Makegood through an existing proposal line item and adjusts impressions and other parameters as needed to “make the deal good.” The buyer then accepts the Makegood as they would in a regular negotiation. Learn more

Other product or Help Center updates

Declare ad tech providers for your reservations creatives

On June 2, 2020, we will add new controls in the Ad Manager user interface to assist with your GDPR compliance and help you declare which ad technology providers you’re working with on reservation campaigns. These controls expand upon and replace the existing “Limit EEA serving” control previously located on the line item Settings page in Ad Manager. Learn more


Coming soon

  • Begin-to-render measurement to web display
    The "Impression counting method" dimension will soon become available for use in web reports. It will identify the methodology used to count the impressions being reported on. Possible values include “Downloaded” and “Begin to render.” Begin-to-render metrics will also be made available for web. Learn more

  • Control data sharing in California
    A new control has been added to the CCPA settings page. It enables you to select which programmatic demand sources can receive bid requests originating from users in California. Learn more

  • Reach reports to be extended to all Ad Manager users
    All Ad Manager users will soon have access to Reach reports. Reach report data represents the number of unique visitors exposed to different advertisers, orders, line items, or ad units in your Google Ad Manager network over a given time period. Learn more

  • Last 93 days of data will become available for Reach reports
    Currently, Reach reports can only report on the last 63 days of available data. Soon this limit will be increased and Reach reports will report on the last 93 days of data. Learn more

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