See the impact of creative restrictions

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

If you click View breakdown by targeting from the Forecast page, there may be a Creative restriction section. This section forecasts the impact of various potential creative restrictions. These are situations where if a buyer uploaded a certain type of creative, the deal wouldn’t be able to serve, potentially leading to underdelivery.

The section breaks out the potential impact if the buyer uploads these types of creatives:


Under Creative restriction, there are:

  • 5,000 available impressions for “NPA.”
  • 0 available impressions for “Not NPA.”

 This means the buyer may lose 5,000 impressions if they don’t upload any NPA creatives.

If the numbers or percentages in this section are high, confirm that buyers are only uploading creatives that can serve on the reserved inventory. Display & Video 360 buyers receive an alert if:

  • (Sponsorship) Greater than 10% of the available impressions are restricted.
  • (Standard) Enough impressions are restricted that the deal won’t fully serve.


A standard line item has a goal of 500 impressions, and Ad Manager forecasts 1000 available impressions. Under Creative restriction, there are:

  • 600 available impressions for “NPA.”
  • 400 available impressions for “Not NPA.”

If the buyer were to upload a non-NPA creative, the creative wouldn’t be eligible to serve on the 600 "NPA" impressions. We send an alert because the 400 available non-NPA impressions aren’t enough to meet the line item’s goal of 500 impressions.

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