Ad type

Ad type determines the creative for your line item

As the first step of adding a line item for traditional campaigns or proposal line item for Programmatic Direct campaigns, you need to choose either the Display or Video ad type. This selection in Ad Manager determines the kind of creative the line item should serve. In the case of Programmatic Direct, the selection determines what creative the buyer should later upload to its DSP.

The creative is the central and most important piece of any advertiser's campaign, and the line item should be configured to ensure that the advertiser's creative requirements are met. For this reason, it's important to determine your advertiser's creative requirements as a first step.

Ad types are:

and then Standard
and then Master/companion

This selection aligns with how you access existing creatives from the creative library later or which creative type you select if you add new creatives to a line item.


The "Display" ad type allows you to create a variety of ad experiences from standard image ads and Campaign Manager URLs to native forms and custom solutions. Learn more in Types of display creatives

Under this option, you can choose either Standard for stand-alone creatives or Master/companion to serve sets of creatives together. The display creative types available later are the same regardless of this selection. Choosing Master/companion simply allows you to attach a companion display creative to a main or "master" display creative, which both serve together.


The "Video" ad type supports a variety of ad experiences, including video ads that appear within a video player during streaming content, video ads appear are shown outside of a video player, rewarded ads, images that show over video content (overlays), and redirects to third‑party hosted ads.  Learn more in Types of video creatives

Video creatives by default can include an optional companion creative to the main or "master" video creative. If you don't need a companion, simply don't add one while working with the video creative.

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