Claim apps for targeting

Select a subset of apps in Ad Manager, which you can then use for easier app targeting

On the My apps page in Ad Manager, you can “claim” apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These claimed apps make app targeting much easier in a variety of targeting sections in both Ad Manager and Ad Exchange:

  • In Ad Manager, the claimed apps appear in a new “Mobile application” subsection under the line item targeting section. You can then easily select these apps for Ad Manager targeting.
  • In Ad Exchange, the claimed apps appear in a new “Ad Manager: Mobile apps” subsection under the rules targeting sections. You can then select these apps for Ad Exchange targeting, which replaces the existing process for targeting by mobile app.
To target claimed Ad Manager apps in Ad Exchange, you first need to have Ad Manager and Ad Exchange linked for in-app.

Claim apps in Ad Manager

First you need to claim apps in Ad Manager. The apps you claim will be easily selectable for targeting.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then My apps.
    The My apps page appears, with a table of apps that have already been claimed.
  3. To claim apps, click New app.
  4. In the “Add a new app” pop-up, search for your apps.
  5. In the results, select the checkbox next to the apps you want to claim and click Save.
    The newly claimed apps appear in the table.

Target the claimed apps

Once the apps are claimed, you can target them in Ad Manager or Ad Exchange.

In Ad Manager:

  1. Click Delivery and then Orders.
  2. Click the order containing the line item you’d like to edit.
  3. Click the appropriate line item in the table.
  4. Under “Add targeting”, click Mobile application in the leftmost column of the table.
  5. Click include or exclude next to the desired apps.
  6. Click Save.

In Ad Exchange:

  1. Click Rules.
  2. From the sidebar, click a rule type.
  3. Click the Mobile In-App sub-tab.
  4. Click New mobile in-app rule.
  5. In the “Targeting” or "When targeting" table, click Ad Manager: Mobile apps in the leftmost column.
    The apps you claimed in Ad Manager appear in the table.

    You may see the names of apps that you don't own under the "AdX" folder. These apps appear in the targeting list because they have been targeted by a rule associated with your Ad Exchange web property.

  6. Click include or exclude next to the desired apps.
  7. Complete the settings for your Mobile In-App rule and click Save.

See how apps are performing

The Ad Manager and Ad Exchange Query Tools both have an “App name” dimension that breaks out performance by app (you don't need to claim apps to report on them):

  • In Ad Manager, the dimension is available under “Platform”.
  • In Ad Exchange, it’s available under “Mobile inventory”.
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