Features and guidelines for Programmatic Direct

Learn about supported creative formats and features

Programmatic Direct features are available to all Ad Manager publishers with a mapped Ad Exchanged account. The following restrictions apply to programmatic campaigns:

Category Restriction
Line item settings
  • Line item and rate types

    Supported Standard CPM, Sponsorship CPD

    Not supported CPC, vCPM, CPA, Sponsorships CPM

  • Inventory sizes

    Supported All other (including video master/companion)

    Not supported Display master/companion roadblock

  • Creative rotation

    Not supported No creative rotation of any kind

  • Mobile apps

    Supported Only the GMA SDK (no others)

  • Video

    Supported Only the IMA SDK (no others, including SDK-less)
        Learn more

  • Mobile web

    Supported Interstitials (out-of-page, 1x1) (only under publisher-managed creatives)

  • Ad Exchange monetization

    Not supported Ad Exchange for Games


Supported Image

Supported Interstitials for mobile apps

Supported Rewarded ads

Supported Standard native format

Supported Custom native format (only under publisher-managed creatives)

Supported Out-of-page, wallpaper, and expandable creatives  (only under publisher-managed creatives)

Supported Ad Manager creative wrappers and templates and creative macros (only under publisher-managed creatives)

Not supported Video overlay ads

Not supported Video ads in GMA SDK formats for mobile apps

Learn more in Creatives for Programmatic Direct

Creative reporting

Supported All other creative reporting

Not supported Master/companion reporting (see below)

Creative content policy

Not supported No alcohol related ads except in supported countries


Protections and unified pricing rules do not apply to Programmatic Direct

Protections are rules that help you protect your brand by restricting how, where, or which ads can serve on your websites or apps. Protections are always overridden for Programmatic Direct campaigns—with the exception of Protections for cookies and user data and of certain ad technologies such as VPAID. This means that Protection rules won't apply to campaigns negotiated via Programmatic Direct.

Programmatic Direct campaigns are one-to-one, direct sold campaigns on specific inventory. As such, Ad Manager does not apply Protections to ensure the inventory you've negotiated is free to serve as intended.

Unified pricing rules
Unified pricing rules allows you to set pricing for advertisers, brands, or sizes across programmatic demand in the Open Auction. Unified pricing rules similarly do not apply to Programmatic Direct campaigns. Programmatic Direct campaigns are direct sold campaigns with a specific buyer and, therefore, do not fall under rules meant to apply to competing buyers in the Open Auction.

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