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You can easily traffic in-stream audio ads in Ad Manager. The workflow generally aligns with video trafficking.

Inventory and tagging

Set up your audio inventory just like you would any other inventory. When creating an ad unit, select Audio as the VAST master size to target in your line items, and add audio creatives.

A VAST ad tag is used by audio players to retrieve audio ads. See a detailed list of VAST ad tag URL parameters.

Ad tag URLs for audio ads must contain the ad_type parameter set to either audio or audio_video for audio ads to serve. Also, the env parameter should be set to instream.

Control eligibility for specific audio types using creative profiles and setting the pp parameter.

If you are a publisher that participated in the alpha for the prior audio ad flow, don't use ad_type=audio in your campaigns until they've been migrated.

Learn how to generate video and audio ad tags.

Line item and creative trafficking

Set up your line items just like you would other line items, specify the "Video and audio" ad type and the "Audio" expected creative size setting. Like display and video, audio creatives must be added to a line item in order for them to serve.

Learn how to traffic a video or audio creative from a line item, or how to find or add new creatives to the creative library, including audio, and audio redirect creative types.

Learn how to set up AdSense and Ad Exchange video and audio in Ad Manager.*

The Ad review center offers several features to help you find specific Ad Exchange ads, including audio ads, to review and potentially block.

* Requires you to link an account to Ad Manager.

Programmatic Direct

Programmatic Direct features are available to all Ad Manager publishers with a mapped Ad Exchanged account.

See the list of supported features for Programmatic Direct, which includes "Video and audio" line items, and "Video" and "Video redirect" creative types. Creatives for Programmatic Direct have specific requirements and options, including those for in-stream video and audio.

Learn more about programmatic proposal line items, and how to add programmatic proposal line items in Ad Manager, including details about the specific settings available for video and audio ads.


When you use the creative type report dimension, the "Video creative sets" type currently includes audio ads. To see a breakdown of audio ads, you can also include a size dimension.

Ad Manager counts an impression for any audio ad once the IMA SDK integrated audio player has begun playback of the ad. 


Troubleshoot Ad Manager line item delivery or inspect in-stream audio ad delivery to either see which ads are eligible to serve to your audio content or for issues related to ad delivery.

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