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To get started creating native ads in Ad Manager, navigate to the Native ads page and then choose one of the methods described in the table below.

Create a native ad

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Native
  3. Click New native ad.
  4. Click Select under the desired method of ad creation.
    Use this table to help determine the best method to create a native ad, and click the related link for the next steps.
Method Description
Guided design editor
  • Serves programmatic and traditional ads
  • Quickly build and style your native ad with our easy-to-use editor.
  • Edit CSS (if needed) but not HTML.
  • Optionally have Google design the native ad so you can get started on native quickly (serves programmatic ads only).
  • Serves on web or mobile app.
  • Use “Fluid” or commonly used sizes.
  • Native styles delivery method.
HTML & CSS editor
Android & iOS app code
  • Serves programmatic and traditional ads in apps.
  • Define the content of your native ad in Ad Manager and style the ad in Android or iOS app code.
  • Good for sophisticated app developers who want full control of their rendering in apps.
  • Custom rendering delivery method.
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