Bulk upload and bulk edit creatives

Upload and update multiple creatives at the same time

You can upload multiple creatives all at once via the creative library and apply bulk changes.

During your upload, you can also apply bulk updates to the "Destination" or "Target ad unit size" fields—useful if all or most of the creatives in your bulk upload use the same value. Before you start bulk upload, it's a good idea to know what these values are so that you can apply them during bulk upload. After saving creatives from bulk upload, you won't have the chance to view creatives as a single upload or potentially apply changes via bulk edit.

Creative types and bulk upload

Creatives can be added via bulk upload in the creative library. Only Standard display creatives can be bulk uploaded—not Master/companion display creatives and not VAST video creative creatives.

Ad Manager automatically assigns a display creative type to certain file types upon upload:

File type Creative type
GIF, JPG, or PNG Image ads
TXT or HTML Third-party or Campaign Manager 360 ads
JS (JavaScript) Third-party ads
Zip bundle HTML5 ads

Work with your advertiser to ensure that files are formatted correctly and test the creative to ensure desired ad serving behavior.

  • Files from supported third-party ad servers: Ad Manager recognizes text files from some third-party ad servers:
    • Atlas
    • Ensemble
    • Facilitate
    • MediaMind

    One text file can be used to create multiple creatives if you're working with one of these third parties.

  • Files from unsupported third-party ad servers: For unsupported third parties, provide one text or HTML file for each creative. 
  • Files from Campaign Manager 360: Ask your advertiser to export tags as a text file from Campaign Manager 360 and to include internal redirect among the tag types.
  • HTML5 zip bundle: Follow the requirements for HTML5 in for Ad Manager.

Bulk upload creatives

"Destination" required to save

"Destination" is required before you can save and complete upload of creatives. You must first save. Save is located on the last creative in your bulk upload. You wont be able to save until you add a destination for every creative in your bulk upload.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Navigate to Delivery and then Creatives and then Display creatives and then Standard.
  3. Click Bulk upload creatives.
  4. Select an advertiser for creatives and click OK.
  5. Drag and drop creatives or browse for creatives you want to upload.

    Add up to 50 individual supported creative files at once or one HTML5 zip bundle.

  6. When creatives are uploaded, click Continue to go to the first creative in you upload.
  7. Set details for each creative. 

    "Destination" is required before you can save. "Destination" and "Target ad unit size" can be set via bulk edit or manually. Other creative attributes can only be edited manually.

In the upper right after clicking Continue to go to the first creative, there's a list of all creatives in your upload. You can navigate between creatives and bulk edit creatives from this list. You can also Add more creatives from the upper right to the current bulk upload.

Manually edit creatives

During your bulk upload, you can manually edit creative attributes. Importantly, "Destination" is required before you can save. If the destination is the same for all or most of the creatives, consider using bulk edit.

Destination is where users are directed if they click the ad. This value is typically a click-through URL but can be a click-to-app URL or phone number. "Destination" is required before your bulk upload is completed.

There are two alternative to navigate between creatives and set up their attributes. After creatives are uploaded and clicking Continue, you're directed to the first creative in you upload. You can then:

  • Navigate between creatives to edit them from the list of creatives to the upper right of the page.
  • Enter a value for "Destination" and optionally set up other creative attributes, and then click Continue to move to the next creative. Continue won't let you navigate to the next creative unless you add a destination.

Save is located on the last creative of your bulk upload.

Bulk edit or delete creatives

Bulk edit is useful if "Destination" and "Target ad unit size" is the same for all or most of the creatives in your bulk upload. After saving from bulk upload, you won't have the chance to view creatives as a single upload or apply bulk edits.

  1. From the upper-right list of creatives, select all or some of the creatives.
  2. Click Bulk edit.
  3. In the dialogue, select either Destination or Target ad unit size.
  4. Set values for destination and target ad unit size as needed.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Navigate to the last creative in your upload and click Save.

You can also delete multiple creatives in your bulk upload. Select all or some of the creatives from the upper-right list and click Delete

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