Pause and resume programmatic proposals

You can pause and resume the corresponding line items of a programmatic proposal. Similarly, the buyer can pause or resume delivery. You can also make an agreement with a buyer that neither party will pause a proposal.

  • When either party pauses, all corresponding Ad Manager line items stop delivery immediately.
  • Only the party that pauses delivery can resume delivery again.
  • Ensure you have the "Edit sales proposals" permission in order to pause and resume corresponding line items.
  • To resume a deal, it's the proposal line item that must be unpaused (not the line item under the order).

Agree to not pause a proposal

You and the buyer can agree that neither party will pause a proposal once it’s delivering. It’s helpful to both publishers and buyers to make this agreement because it:

  • Sets clear expectations about whether you want to allow pausing.
  • Acts as a reminder to not pause unnecessarily.

Additionally, pausing proposals can cause under-delivery:

  • If the buyer pauses, the publisher’s inventory remains reserved, while the buyer isn’t bidding.
  • If the publisher pauses, the buyer doesn’t receive callouts and potentially won’t spend all of their advertising budget.

If delivery pausing is disabled, the buyer and publisher will still have the ability to pause, but doing so would infringe the proposal’s agreement.

  1. Navigate to Salesand thenProposals.
  2. Click New proposal.
  3. Under “Delivery pausing,” move the slider to Disabled if you want to make an agreement to not pause the proposal.
  4. Complete the remaining proposal settings and click Add proposal line item or Save.

Pause all corresponding line items in a proposal

  1. Click Sales and then Proposals and then All proposals or My proposals.
  2. Find the desired proposal and click on its name.
  3. From the More actions menu at the top of the proposal details, click Pause.
  4. In the "Pause" dialogue, add a comment that describes the reason for pausing.
  5. Click Pause.

Comments appear to buyers in their user interface. To resume line items, navigate to the same More actions menu and click Resume.

An email notification is sent whenever you or the buyer pause or resume a proposal.

Reopen and archive a proposal line item

There is no option to pause an individual line item from the proposal. However, you can stop delivery of an individual line item by reopening the proposal and archiving its originating proposal line item.

By archiving a proposal line item, you are renegotiating terms of the proposal. You need to request acceptance from the buyer again in this case. Only after the buyer accepts will the corresponding delivery line item be archived and stop delivery.

To reopen a finalized proposal:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Sales and then Proposals and then Finalized.
  3. Click the name of a proposal to go to its details.
  4. The next step depends on if the change is negotiable:
    • Negotiable: Click Request acceptance and then click Send for review.
    •  Non-negotiable: Click Reopen and then click Update delivery.
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