Release notes for Google Ad Manager

What's new on January 25, 2021

Manage inventory

Manage child publisher accounts with MCM

This week, Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Manage Account delegation type will be generally available. Parent publishers can manage one or more child publisher accounts to help with ad strategy, setup, optimization, maintenance, and more.

Traffic and deliver ads

Improvements to Ad Manager Video Solutions

In our continuous effort to make video as intuitive and efficient as possible, several small but meaningful changes have been made to the user interface, including:

Manage network settings

Audience segment sharing with linked Ad Exchange accounts is no longer necessary

Your first-party audience segments are now available by default to use with your primary Ad Exchange account. This means the audience sharing settings are no longer necessary.

Other product or Help Center updates

TCF v2.0 error grace period has ended

The grace period provided to give publishers time to manage errors and misconfigurations related to the launch of IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0 has ended. You can still troubleshoot TCF v2.0 errors using your error report and the error tables in the help center.

Limited ads are now generally available

Limited ads give publishers the ability to serve ads in a limited way in the absence of consent for the use of cookies or other local identifiers. Limited ads for Ad Manager are now generally available.

Additions to the ad technology providers for LGPD list

On February 22, 2021, the following newly certified Ad Technology Providers (ATPs) are available for use with the LGPD: AdGear Technologies Inc., Axonix Limited, Cazamba Serviços de Internet Ltda, Digitalist Finland Oy, Hueads, Inc., Intango Ltd., internetstores GmbH, Melvad, Smart Digital LLC, Unmatched Solutions Limited.


Coming soon

  • Check RTB creatives for user consent
    In Q1 2021, Ad Manager, AdSense, and AdMob will release an additional GDPR compliance feature that will enable you to opt-in to allow Google to check your RTB (real-time-bidding) creatives for user consent. The “Check RTB (real-time bidding) partner creatives for user consent” option will appear on the EU user consent page.
  • ATP declaration control for reservations is moving
    To improve user experience, the Declare ad technology providers for reservation creatives control will be relocated from the “EU user consent” page to the “Delivery” page in the Admin section. This change will not impact serving behavior.

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