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Ad Exchange historical report

Measure Ad Exchange performance in DFP

You're able to create and run your Ad Exchange reports in the DFP reporting tool by using the new "Ad Exchange Historical" report type. The "Ad Exchange Historical" report provides the Ad Exchange's perspective on your data and may not match your Ad Exchange metrics in DFP's "Historical" report type. When you build a query, select the "Ad Exchange Historical" report type.

Run Ad Exchange Reports in DoubleClick for Publishers (3:26)

Transfer your Ad Exchange queries

  • In addition to creating new Ad Exchange Historical queries in DFP,  you can view all of your existing Ad Exchange queries in DFP from the "Queries > Transfer Ad Exchange queries to DFP" menu. To edit and manage your saved queries in DFP, use Transfer to make a “copy” of your queries into DFP. 

    When you make a copy, the following will occur:
    • The query is copied from Ad Exchange to DFP.
    • The query is removed from Ad Exchange.
    • Any scheduling defined in the Ad Exchange query is moved into DFP.
    • Any deprecated metrics will migrate into DFP. 
    • Two metrics currently labeled "(legacy)" will move into DFP and convert into their non-legacy equivalents.
      • Ad impressions (legacy) will become Ad impressions
      • Ad eCPM (legacy) will become Ad eCPM
    • The Ad units dimension will become DFP Ad Units
    • Queries that have the "Request types" dimension will not be migrated.


  • Users with the "Ad Exchange Manager" role have access to create Ad Exchange historical reports. The "Create and view Ad Exchange reports" permission also provides similar access.

New features

  • You can run Ad Exchange Historical reports in your network's timezone, rather than in the US Pacific Time zone default.
  • DFP Placement" is available as a dimension in the Ad Exchange Historical report in DFP. But, this is not offered in the Ad Exchange Seller Query Tool. 
  • You can use the DFP export options in all Ad Exchange reports, including exporting directly to Google Drive.

The following features were offered in the legacy Ad Exchange Query Tool, but aren't available in Ad Exchange Historical reporting:

  • Ad Exchange System Queries 
  • Ad Exchange Benchmarks report
  • Experiments Reporting
  • Visualizations (charts) on report output
  • Change history on report output

Learn about Ad Exchange dimensions and metrics.

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