Multi-size pricing in the Open Auction

Set different floor prices in the Open Auction for different inventory sizes

Set different floor prices or target CPMs for different inventory sizes via unified pricing rules. Multi-size pricing can optimize yield in the Open Auction when there are valid bids for different sizes. 

Multi-size pricing guidelines

Multi-size pricing is compatible with the standard set of supported sizes. Interstitials are supported, but generating creatives for dynamic allocation with interstitial ads is unsupported.

Best practices

When possible, activate multi-size pricing for all of your inventory. The majority of buyers support multi-size pricing, but for those that do not, multiple sizes do not get passed along in requests. Ask buyers if they support multi-size bidding.

Typically, it's good to set only one floor price for a given size. If there is more than one floor price set for the same size, the highest floor applies.

Preferred Deals

You can select inventory size as a targeting option when creating a Preferred Deal. If the inventory included in the Preferred Deal is multi-size and the buyer bids with a size that was not negotiated, the bid will be filtered. See bid responses that were filtered and reasons via Deal Check. Learn more about identifying and troubleshooting bid response issues.

Opt-in, blocking, and ad style rules

Multi-size pricing works differently with opt-in, blocking, and ad style rules:

  • For opt-in and blocking rules, Ad Exchange matches all rules that match any of the sizes and applies them to all sizes.
  • For ad style rules, Ad Exchange takes the highest priority rule matching any of the sizes and applies it to all sizes, as in the following example.


Say you have two style rules:

  • one allowing only text ads for 300x600 at Priority 1 and
  • a second rule allowing all creative types for 300x250 but at Priority 3.
  • If you send a multi-size request that includes the sizes 300x600 and 300x250, the first rule is the one that gets matched because of its higher priority.
  • As a result, both sizes 300x600 and 300x250 only serve text ads.

Set up Ad Exchange line items

The sizes you want to set different floor prices for are those you made available to the Open Auction via your Ad Exchange line items. Those line items should have a creative with multiple sizes. In unified pricing rules, decide how you want to price each inventory size specified in your Ad Exchange line items.

Do not add additional creatives to this line item. Ad Manager creatives in a line item rotate evenly by default, with one of them getting selected for dynamic allocation.


You can set different floor prices on inventory sizes that are considered more valuable than others. For instance, a larger banner ad at 970x250 might be considered more valuable than a smaller ad at 120x20.

Say you have three inventory sizes for an ad request: 970x250, 728x90, and 728x120. You’d like to charge buyers more for the largest size, while offering the option of a lower floor price for the smallest size. Create a pricing rule for each size via unified pricing rules

Using unified pricing rules, you can set the different floor prices in the same rule.

Pricing Sizes Floor price
Price setting 1 970x250 $3.00
Price setting 2 728x90 $1.50
Pricing for everyone All $0.10


With this setup, buyers can submit bids for all three sizes, and the highest bid across all sizes above the floor price wins.


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