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You can maximize yield by allowing preferred access to inventory for select buyers in Ad Exchange. First Look captures incremental revenue opportunities from high-CPM buyers. It allows you to:

  • Expose more inventory to high-value demand by allowing specific Ad Exchange programmatic buyers access to premium inventory. These buyers have the opportunity to buy any inventory ahead of your reservation inventory, as long as they meet your selected floor price.
  • Increase yield through competition by eliminating the need to set up implementations with multiple buyers to give them individual opportunities to "cherry-pick" your inventory. Buyers compete in real time in Ad Exchange, leveling the playing field and improving yield for your most valuable inventory.

First Look has the ability to beat any demand in Ad Manager, ahead of your reservation inventory. A bid eligible for First Look and above the First Look floor competes for an impression.

If a remnant line item is selected by Dynamic Allocation, the bid has to clear the First Look floor as well as the value CPM (or "Rate" if value CPM is not available) of that remnant line item to compete for an impression.

First Look is only available for bids in the Open Auction. It’s not supported for Preferred Deals or Private Auctions.

Get started

To get started with First Look in Ad Manager:

  1. Activate First Look
  2. Create First Look pricing rules
  3. Report on First Look
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