Understanding Performance Max results with the Insights page

Official guide to using the Insights page in Performance Max.

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The Insights page in Google Ads automatically provides the most important insights that can help you understand and improve your campaigns, including Performance Max campaigns. For example, uncover insights about which audiences and search categories convert the best in your campaign.


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1) Understand which questions the Insights page can help answer

Why: Performance Max is a campaign type that doesn’t require the same level of manual optimizations as other campaigns. Instead, Performance Max uses automation to help you drive better results towards your goals across all of Google’s advertising channels and inventory. As a result, we’ve re-imagined how to design reporting to be more useful for you. The Insights page will help you answer more strategic questions and quickly surface important learnings about your campaigns. These insights will give you new information about your customers, ads and performance to inform your marketing and broader business strategy. They’ll also provide actionable recommendations that can help you improve your campaigns immediately.

1. Where can I find what my customers are searching for?
Check out Search terms insights to see which current search categories and search terms are converting at higher rates. See what people are searching for when you show an ad. Use this insight to influence decisions for your creative assets, landing pages and shopping feed descriptions. 

2. How can I better predict consumer trends and demand shifts that impact my business?
Check out Demand forecasts to see future trends relevant to your unique business that are expected to start over the next 180 days. Use this forward-looking insight to see upcoming predicted demand for the products and services you offer and to identify growth opportunities. 

3. How can I take advantage of increased demand for my goods and services?
Check out Search trends to see if you are keeping up with increased demand in current and recommended categories relevant to your business. Use this insight to plan budgets, inventory, promotions, and landing pages based on trending customer search interest. 

4. How are competitor ad strategies impacting my business?
Check out Auction insights to see how shifts in the visibility of your competitors above or below you on Google.com may have impacted your performance. This insight also shows new competitors entering and leaving the auction. Use this insight to understand how competitors are impacting your performance. 

5. What is causing changes in my performance?
Check out Performance shifts to see what assets groups, product groups, and products are driving the campaign’s performance changes. 

6. Are the changes I’m making helping my performance?
Check out Change history insights to see how the change history in your account may be linked to a change in performance to identify critical root causes that explain fluctuations. 

7. Why aren’t my ads serving?
Check out Diagnostic insights to see why a campaign has not received traffic or conversions. Use this to help identify common reasons why your campaign’s ads may not be serving. 

8. What text, images and video ads resonate with my audience? 
Check out Asset audience insights to see which assets are resonating most with your audience. Use this insight to help generate new creative assets to attract high-performing audiences.

9. How can I better understand my customers and apply these learnings to my broader business strategy?
Check out Audience insights to see which audiences are converting at higher rates. The 'Signals' label next to an audience segment shows you which segments are converting that you inputted as audience signals yourself. Focus on segments labeled as 'Optimized' to learn the new audience segments that automation discovered for you that you may not have known about before to help inform your broader business strategy.


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2) Apply recommendations that support your business goals

Review recommendations regularly

Why: Google Ads will continuously identify opportunities and surface new recommendations for you based on real-time data. To optimize performance more quickly, you can also choose to apply certain recommendations automatically. You can change these selections or opt out of them at any time.

Dismiss recommendations that do not align with your goals

Why: You know your business best. Dismiss any recommendations that don’t align with your goals to help Google Ads surface more relevant recommendations in the future. You do not need to apply every recommendation. Goals can change, so you can always come back to view or apply the recommendations you dismissed.


When you click ‘Dismiss All’ for a recommendation, tell us why. That will help us improve the recommendations that we surface to your account.


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3) Check your Insights page daily for personalized insights 

Why: Insights are refreshed daily and are personalized to you and your business. New types of insights cards will be added to the Insights page over time. Consistent monitoring can keep you updated on changing customer behavior and market conditions. Date ranges for the Insights page can be viewed week-over-week (last 7 days) or month-over-month (last 28 days).


You may not see every insight type in your account for each of your campaigns. It may not yet be available for a specific campaign type or there may be a lack of significant trends. Learn more

Case Study

discovery+ logo

When looking at the Insights page, we realized we needed to lean into romance and TV drama fans. We did this by really emphasizing the creative in 90 day fiance, Love Off the Grid, Love in the Jungle and really leaned into those categories seeing they performed extremely well for us.”
— Jeremy Rouse, Director of Paid Media at discovery+

After leaning into the Insights page for Performance Max, a global streaming service discovery+ saw a 17% incremental paid subscriber growth and a 21% decrease in CPA compared to non-branded Search campaigns.

Watch their story:

How discovery+ became more budget agile and took the guesswork out of cross-channel media buying


Visit your personal Insights page to get started.



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