About bid strategy reports

The bid strategy report lets you see how well your bid strategies have performed for key metrics.

We tailor these metrics to show you what’s most relevant to each type of bid strategy. You’re able to see these reports at the portfolio level for bid strategies used on multiple campaigns. You can also see a standard bid strategy report for individual campaigns.

This article explains the metrics, performance chart, and scorecard included in the bid strategy report. Learn where to Find your bid strategy reports.

What’s in your report

Your bid strategy report includes a scorecard with key metrics, and charts with customizable columns.

Scorecard: This is a snapshot of metrics specific to the type of bid strategy you’re looking at. For example, a report on Target CPA will show you a snapshot of “Conversions” and “Cost per Conversion.” A report on Maximize Clicks will show you metrics for “Clicks” and “Cost per Click.”

Performance: Compare the performance of up to two metrics over time. Choose any two columns that matter to your campaign and adjust the timeframe to see data for any date range.

Types of reports

On the portfolio level, you can see bid strategy reports for your Target CPA, Target Impression ShareTarget ROAS, Enhanced CPC, Max Clicks, and Target outranking share bid strategies.

On the standard campaign level, you can see reports for Target CPA, Target Impression ShareTarget ROAS, Enhanced CPC, Maximize Conversions, and Maximize Clicks.

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