Audience insights (beta)

Audience insights help you better understand who your customers are by surfacing the unique characteristics, interests, and behaviors of user groups who see your ads and convert.

If you’ve been using Google’s automation features like optimized targeting and automated bidding, audience insights highlight the top Google audience segments which have been targeted and are performing well. Read more about the different audience segments that make up your conversions, what percentage they make up, and how represented they are compared to your targeted population.

Note: Audience insights are currently available for the following campaign types:
  • Performance Max campaigns
  • Discovery campaigns
  • Video Action (VAC) campaigns

What you’ll learn

This article explains how audience insights work:

  • Why use audience insights
  • How to use audience insights

Why use audience insights

Start using audience insights to:

  • Know your customers and understand how Google Automation is helping you: Learn about the unique characteristics of user groups that are seeing your ads, in particular those that Google automation identifies as driving strong performance. Use these insights to help further refine your audience.
  • Improve your creatives: Find out which assets and messaging people are engaging with the most so you can adjust your creatives.
  • Get better results: By understanding your target market and the creatives they respond most to more thoroughly, you can make changes to optimize your targeting, creatives, and overall campaign performance.

How to use audience insights

1. View audience insight summaries

Go to the “Insights” page and scroll to the “Audience insight” cards. Here, you’re given a quick overview about the audiences that are converting on your campaign the most, which audience has the highest index, and what percentage they represent.

2. Get in-depth information about your top audience

Below the audience insight cards, you’ll find an expandable table with the persona insights. This table dives deeper into your top audiences and gives you more specific information about the different segments that convert on your campaigns.

Columns for persona insights

  • Audience: The name of the audience segment represented.
  • Type: The Google Audience segment they are from, such as in-market, affinity, detailed demographic, and life events.
  • Share of conversions: The percentage of conversions coming from the audience segment in the campaign.
  • Index: Shows how represented an audience segment is in your conversions compared to the rest of your targeted population. A higher index means that a given audience segment is more unique for you.

Hover over the different data points in the table for contextual guidance and more helpful information. You can then better understand the audiences converting on your campaigns and who is likely to convert so you can find opportunities to make your targeting even better.

3. Apply recommendations

Apply relevant surfaced recommendations to get more benefits.

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