Landing page experience

A measure that Google uses to estimate how relevant and useful your website's landing page will be to people who click on your ad. Landing pages with higher ratings are usually well organized and have text that relates to a person's search terms.

  • The landing page experience status describes whether your landing page is likely to provide a good experience to customers who click your ad and land on your website. For example, is your landing page clear and useful to customers? Is your landing page related to your keyword and what customers are searching for? Is the page clearly organized and easy to navigate? All these factors can play a role in determining your landing page experience status.
  • Your keywords can have one of three statuses: above average, average, or below average.
    • Having an "average" or "above average" status means that there are no major problems with this keyword's landing page experience when compared to all other keywords across AdWords.
    • A "below average" status means that you might want to consider some changes to improve your website's landing page.
  • Use this status to help identify landing pages that might be hurting your chances of making conversions like sales or sign-ups.
  • It's possible for a keyword to have a high Quality Score and low landing page experience (or vice versa) because AdWords looks at a number of different quality factors when determining Quality Score. Even if your overall Quality Score is high, looking at the individual factors can help you identify potential areas for improvement.
  • To see the landing page experience status for your keywords, go to the Keywords tab on your Campaigns page and hover over the speech bubble icon that's next to a keyword.
  • Paused keywords will retain whatever scores they had when they were last active. Therefore, it may not be useful to look at these scores over time. We encourage advertisers to focus on active keywords when looking at their Quality Score sub-metrics, since these scores will be constantly updated.

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