Capture mobile shoppers with your Shopping campaigns

Stay ahead of mobile shopping trends

There is no doubt that mobile shopping trends and consumer behavior are changing at a rapid pace. Keeping an eye on the evolving mobile landscape will help you build a stronger mobile strategy, prepare for expected shifts, and seize opportunities when changes are in your favor.


  • The Smart Shopper section will help you find answers to important questions like:
    • What combination of devices do people use for product research?
    • What part of their shopping journey do shoppers rely on their smartphone?
    • Which devices do consumers use to make their final purchase?
    • How often do users encounter issues accessing websites through mobile devices?
  • Set product filters to uncover trends for a specific product type that is in your catalog.
  • Follow current research, news and insights about mobile advertising at Think with Google to stay up-to-date in a mobile-first world. Read more on Think with Google.
  • Step into your customer’s shoes by shopping on your own mobile device to spot new opportunities and learn from other retailers.


Whether online or offline, mobile devices are an integral part of how consumers are searching, browsing, and purchasing. Make sure you’re there every step of the journey with a strong mobile presence to win mobile shoppers and drive sales. 


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