Drive offline sales with online ads: Google Best Practices

Official guide to local marketing with Google Ads.

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A customer’s interaction with you can start online and then finish in your local store or physical business location. Here are some tips to help you enhance your local marketing ads and optimize them to drive more store visits and sales to your business.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what’s needed to turn those ready-to-buy online shoppers into satisfied offline customers. We’ll show you how to:

  • Enhance your online ads to be more helpful for those looking to visit one of your business locations
  • Improve the chances that the right person will see your ads through smarter targeting and bidding
  • Track and measure the incremental offline value of your online efforts
  • Fine-tune your campaigns for maximum return to your business factoring both online and offline conversions 

1. Drive foot traffic with location extensions

  • Show ads with more locally relevant information by adding location extensions. 
Why: Make it easier for shoppers to find you on Search, Display and YouTube by pointing them to helpful information like store hours and photos, directions to your business, or the ability to call you.
  • Use location extension to reach folks close to your business. 

Why: Increase the likelihood that your ads are shown to people who are nearby and may be more likely to buy.

Why: LIAs help consumers see which of your products are available and in-stock at a nearby store location.

Read more about how to drive foot traffic using location extensions.

2. Measuring the full value of your online ads

  • Calculate the value of offline sales that is driven by your online ads. 

Why: Understand the full return from your local marketing and online ads by accounting for the additional conversions that can happen offline.

Read more about how to measure the full value of your online ads.

3. Optimizing for Omni-channel Performance

  • Optimize your campaigns for maximum return from both online and offline conversions. 

Why: Use Google Ads campaign performance data to fine tune how you invest online so that you can maximize total conversions instead of just online conversions.

Read more about how to optimize for omni-channel performance.


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