Capture mobile shoppers with your Shopping campaigns

Be competitive on mobile

With more users consuming content on their smartphones, it’s crucial to be competitive on mobile by staying on top of your product data quality and bids. You may be missing out on mobile traffic simply because you are being outbid or your ads aren’t as compelling in the auction. Follow these tips to optimize your Shopping campaigns to capture more mobile shoppers.

Set the right mobile bid

Top results drive more clicks on mobile, so make sure you’re setting the right bids to boost your product visibility to mobile shoppers. You can do this automatically by adding your products to a Smart Shopping campaign. Smart Shopping campaigns use machine learning to optimize bids based on available signals, including device type, so you can maximize your conversion value for your budget. Learn more about Smart Shopping campaigns

However, if you do not meet the requirements for or cannot run Smart Shopping campaigns, you can also use target ROAS Smart Bidding to optimize your bids automatically. Similar to Smart Shopping campaigns, this bid strategy uses machine learning and available signals, including device type, to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS). Learn how to set up target ROAS Smart Bidding for Shopping campaigns

If these automated solutions are not a fit for your business, you can still take steps to understand your mobile performance and set the right mobile bid adjustment modifiers to be competitive on mobile. Learn how to determine the right bid adjustment modifiers by device

  • Download the Devices report under the "Campaign" or "Ad group" tab to understand how your Shopping campaigns are performing by device. Once you have sufficient conversion data, start analyzing your mobile performance in comparison to your desktop and tablet performance.
  • If you’re seeing strong performance on mobile, increase your mobile bid adjustment modifier to capitalize on your results and be more competitive in the auction. You can enable the enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) feature on top of your mobile bid adjustment modifiers to adjust your product bids in real time based on the likelihood of a search query to convert. ECPC improves mobile conversions by an average of 6% for the same cost.1 Learn more about ECPC
  • Look at your click share to identify opportunities to drive more clicks in comparison to other retailers participating in the same auction. Learn more about click share
  • Use the mobile Bid Simulator to understand what your performance would look like if you increased your mobile bid adjustment modifiers based on your performance from the last 7 days. Evaluate the opportunity to be competitive on mobile and raise your modifiers where the potential performance lift will help drive your campaign goals. Learn more about the Bid Simulator

In addition to adjusting your bids for mobile shoppers, find ways to improve your mobile experience to drive better performance, such as optimizing your product landing pages for mobile to boost conversion rates. Learn more about creating an ideal end-to-end mobile shopping experience for your customers

Drive mobile shoppers to local stores

Mobile shoppers are often on-the-go. Take advantage of this opportunity to drive your mobile traffic to your physical stores.

  • Download the Geographic Locations report to segment your performance data by location. Start tracking and including store visit and store sales conversions into your report to assess your offline impact. Learn more about tracking offline conversions from online ads
  • For locations that have high store visits or sales, make sure your mobile and location bid adjustment modifiers are strong, to capture and drive mobile shoppers to your stores. Though ECPC already factors in location, you may layer mobile bid adjustment modifiers to drive stronger performance if you’re seeing high mobile conversions and store visits or sales.
  • Use local inventory ads to highlight local information to mobile users. For example, if a mobile shopper is searching for a product, you can show that you have this product in stock at your store nearby. Learn more about local inventory ads

Differentiate your mobile Shopping ads

Mobile searches for “online shopping” have grown over 180% in the past 2 years.2 Since mobile shoppers are searching and viewing your ads on smaller displays, differentiating your mobile ads from other retailers’ becomes even more critical. Convince your customers to choose your product by highlighting your unique offers.

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1. Google Internal Data, 2016
2. Google Data, US, April 2015 - March 2016 vs. April 2017 - March 2018

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