About labels

Labels are used to group objects for a variety of purposes. They can prevent ads from advertisers who sell similar products serving on the same page, for instance, or assist you in managing certain types of creatives.

Multiple label types can be applied to a single label except for Ad category, which can't be combined with other label types.

  • Competitive exclusion: Line items don't deliver on the same page as line items from other advertisers that are assigned the same label. Learn more
  • Ad exclusion: Prevents line items from being delivered to ad units when the Ad Manager ad exclusion rule matches the label. Learn more
  • Ad category: Restricts or allows serving of ads belonging to Ad Exchange ad categories. If you select this option, you won't be able to apply other label types. Learn more
  • Ad unit frequency cap: Prevents certain types of line items from being delivered to users too frequently on different sections of your website. Learn more
  • Creative wrapper: A snippet of code that wraps around a creative when it's served. Ad Manager uses labels to link creative wrappers to ad units. Learn more

    Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Partner management and Video Solutions customers only:

  • Partner management: Organize your partners by label. Labels allow you to later report by label and leverage other ad serving features. Learn more

    Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.


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