Types of display creatives

Learn about the rich ad experiences you can create for display line items

Display line items support a variety of creative types to help your advertisers deliver their message. See also Types of video creatives.

Mobile creatives

Mobile creatives are not a creative type in themselves but may be created and managed under several display creative types. The kind of creative you can traffic depends on whether the ad creative is intended to show in a mobile web browser or mobile app.


Upload standard images or specify URLs of creatives hosted on third-party ad servers. Learn more


Upload an HTML5 zip file to create rich ad experiences. Learn more

Third party

Use code from third-party ad servers. Learn more

Campaign Manager 360

Use redirect URLs generated under Campaign Manager 360. Learn more

Native format

Use standard or custom native formats. Learn more


Supply your own code to create rich ad experiences. Learn more

Custom creative template

Use templates defined in your network. May be prompted to input information or upload files. Learn more

Standard creative template

Use templates included in Ad Manager by default. Templates support a variety of ad experience. Learn more

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