Line items

Network line items

Traffic your ad networks in Ad Manager

Line item type that is commonly used to traffic your ad networks. Network line items:

  • Can allocate a specific percentage of your remaining impressions that the line item should fulfill.
  • Can be set to have an unlimited end date.
  • Aren't included in forecast results.
  • Are eligible to compete directly with AdSense and Ad Exchange.

How network line items compete with other indirectly-sold line items

When no Ad Exchange line item is eligible to compete and dynamic allocation is not in effect, Ad Manager ranks remnant line items by priority and then by goal type:

  1. Line items with percentage goals (a specific portion of traffic, or an exclusive sale), such as network line items.

  2. Line items with absolute goals (impressions or clicks), such as bulk line items.

  3. Line items that are unlimited (non-guaranteed, with a click or impression cap), such as price priority.

On the other hand, when an Ad Exchange line item is eligible to compete, Ad Manager ranks all eligible remnant line items by their CPM rate (or value CPM, if defined) to choose the highest value remnant line item.

For network line items, their weight determines how often they compete in the ranking against other remnant line items. For example, if a network line item has 100% weight, it always competes against other remnant line items based on its rate. If a network line item has 50% weight, it competes against other remnant line items about half of the time.

If AdSense or Ad Exchange has a line item with a higher CPM than the one selected by Google Ad Manager, regardless of the type, Ad Manager serves the AdSense or Ad Exchange line item. Even though a network line item may be set to 100% of impressions, for example, it could wind up not delivering if it's always beaten by another non-guaranteed line item, AdSense or Ad Exchange.

See the Ad selection white paper for more information.

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