Change the delivery speed of a line item

Ad Manager's ad delivery pacing system is designed to distribute the impressions for a line item in one of three ways:

  • As fast as possible: A line item is never considered "on schedule" and tries to use every impression it can get.

  • Frontloaded: A line item begins by briefly serving to a goal that is as much as 40% higher than a goal without frontloading, and then gradually declines to serving 5% ahead of schedule as the campaign draws to its end. The sum of impressions during the first half of the campaign can be as much as 25% higher than without frontloading.

  • Even delivery The ad server delivers 5% more than the even goal, though the delivery indicator may be higher than 105% due to inventory forecast insights.

To change the delivery speed of a line item:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.

  2. Click Delivery and then Orders.

  3. Click the order containing the line item you'd like to edit.

  4. Click the line item you'd like to edit.

  5. Under "Deliver impressions", select one of the following:

    • Evenly

    • Frontloaded

    • As fast as possible

  6. Click Save.

By default, Ad Manager will deliver ads evenly across the line item's delivery period.

"As fast as possible" and other line items

It can be helpful to think of "as fast as possible" line items as "deliver fast, if possible" line items. In other words, if there is enough inventory, they should deliver fast, but we're not going to preempt delivery of "evenly" scheduled line items at the same priority.

Ad Manager still computes a satisfaction index (SI) for "as fast as possible" line items; the goal SI for all line items (evenly, frontloaded and as fast as possible) is the same. During the line item selection process, "as fast as possible", "evenly", and "frontloaded" line items are weighted based on whether or not they're behind schedule.

So, if an "as fast as possible" line item is the only eligible candidate, it will always serve (until it hits its impression goal) but if there are competing line items, they will compete based on which line item is more behind schedule to hit its impression goal by the end of its run.

Differences between the "Frontloaded" and "Evenly" delivery settings

"Frontloaded" and "Evenly" delivery settings

For both frontloaded and even delivery line items, Ad Manager distributes the total number of impressions over the life of the campaign. Ad Manager distributes the impressions by calculating hourly delivery goals for the line item based on:

  • the number of impressions booked
  • number of impressions already served
  • time remaining in the campaign
  • traffic hints from the forecasting system
  • a frontloading factor

The only difference between frontloaded and even delivery is the frontloading factor that is applied to each hourly goal. The goals for frontloaded ads are increased by 25%, while the goals for even delivery ads are increased by only 5%. For even delivery ads we still apply this small 5% frontloading factor as an extra safeguard against underdelivery. Learn more

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