Line items

Set the delivery speed of line items

Control the pace of ad impressions

The "Deliver impressions" setting can adjust pacing of ad delivery in a line item. The default setting (Evenly) allows Ad Manager to pace ads equally across the start and end dates of a line item. This option is typically the best unless your advertiser requests a different pacing option or you're trying to meet other ad delivery goals.

  • Evenly: Delivers evenly until the end date—but could deliver up to 5% higher than the goal as a safeguard against underdelivery.
  • As fast as possible: Never considered "on schedule" and delivers ads as much as possible—tries to use every impression it can get—without compromising delivery of other line items at the same or higher priority. This could result in an early end if the line item's goal is achieved before the end date.
  • Frontloaded: Begins serving as much as 40% higher than its goal briefly and gradually declines to 5% ahead of schedule toward the end. Sum of impressions during the first half can be as much as 25% higher than expected without frontloading.

For both Evenly and Frontloaded, Ad Manager determines a delivery schedule for a line item by calculating hourly delivery goals based on:

  • Number of impressions booked
  • Number of impressions served
  • Time remaining for line item
  • Forecasting data
  • Frontloading factor

Frontloaded differs from Evenly only in its frontloading factor—the rate at which ad delivery can increase. Frontloaded delivery increase ad delivery by as much as 25% to 40%, while line items that are Evenly delivered can only increase by 5%. Learn more about pacing in How line item delivery is paced.

Evenly may be more accurate at distributing impressions from larger impression goals over a period of time. Limited impression goals, however, may not deliver as evenly. 

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