Line items

Price Priority line items

Line item type used to fill your site's unsold inventory with the highest paying line item available. Price Priority line items:

  • Allow you to specify daily or lifetime delivery caps.
  • Can be set to deliver unlimited impressions and have an unlimited end date.
  • Aren't included in forecast results.
  • Are eligible to compete directly with AdSense and Ad Exchange.

How do Price Priority line items compete with other indirectly-sold line items?

Within each priority level, line items are grouped based on their goal type, and they will be served in the following order of preference until the line item's goal or cap is met:

  1. Line items with percentage goals (a specific portion of traffic, or an exclusive sale), such as network line items.

  2. Line items with absolute goals (impressions or clicks), such as bulk line items.

  3. Line items that are unlimited (non-guaranteed, with a click or impression cap), such as Price Priority

If your network has enabled AdSense or Ad Exchange to compete with your indirectly-sold line items, then in each of the steps above the ad server will also look for eligible AdSense or Ad Exchange line items. If AdSense or Ad Exchange has a line item with a higher CPM than the one selected by Google Ad Manager, regardless of the type, Ad Manager will serve the AdSense or Ad Exchange line item. So even though a Price Priority line item could have an unlimited goal, it could wind up not delivering if it is always beaten by AdSense or Ad Exchange.

See the Ad selection white paper for more information.

Note: Price Priority, Bulk and Network line items that do not compete on price in the unified auction (such as line items with a zero rate and no Value CPM) are treated as House line items.

Why did my line item exceed its limit?

A line item's delivered impressions total might exceed the daily or lifetime cap by a small amount due to delayed impression counting or simultaneous requests that occur as the cap is reached.


Can I traffic an Ad Exchange snippet in a Price Priority line item?

This is not recommended. There are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • When your Ad Exchange Price Priority line item competes with Ad Exchange in dynamic allocation, sophisticated buyers can detect the unusual configuration and might bid lower or not bid at all.
  • If your Ad Exchange Price Priority line item can't win the impression, a manual passback solution to Ad Manager is required. This involves complicated, unreliable configurations that lead to latency and confusion in reporting.
  • Information passed by Ad Manager through Ad Exchange line items to improve ad serving and reporting is lost.


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