Data and eligibility requirements to show your products for free on Google

You can enable your products to appear in free product listings on Google.

How free product listings work

This feature allows people to see product results from your store on various Google surfaces, including Google Images, the Shopping tab, Google Search, and Google Lens (availability of listing types varies by country). Just as we don't charge sites to be part of the Google Search index, participating merchants are eligible to appear in free listings. Learn more about types of free listings

To become eligible, you must follow the required policies to show products in free listings, and provide product offers using at least one of the following methods:

  • If you submit a feed through Google Merchant Center, you can show your products in free listings by opting in to this feature when you set up your Merchant Center account. Learn more about choosing where your customers check out
  • If you have structured data markup on your website, your products will automatically show in free listings (with the exception of the Shopping tab) without directly participating in the feature. You can opt out at any time by removing the data markup and implementing crawl and indexing controls.
Note: Content on your website that’s been crawled and is related to retail may also be included in free listings even if it hasn’t been marked up using or submitted through Merchant Center. This is done to ensure that people see a wide variety of products from a broad group of retailers when they search for information on Google. You can control how your product information appears and opt out at any time by implementing crawl and indexing controls.

Additional eligibility requirements for enhanced listings on the Shopping tab

To be eligible for enhanced listings, which show your products in content-rich listings on the Shopping tab, you must follow the policies for free listings as well as those for Shopping ads. Eligibility is also based on your account status and the quality of the data you provide.

You can influence your eligibility by providing Google with high-quality information that ensures customers will have a positive experience. There’s a range of ways you can do this. For example, you can link your account with a third-party platform, or if your platform isn't yet supported, you can opt in to Google Customer Reviews.

Note: Structured data markup isn't supported for free listings on the Shopping tab. You must submit a feed through Google Merchant Center and meet the additional eligibility requirements for enhanced listings to appear in these results. If you already have structured data markup on your website and want to get started with feeds in Google Merchant Center, you can consider starting with automated feeds. Learn more about how to use automated feeds to build your product data

For merchants submitting feeds through Google Merchant Center

If you submit a feed through Google Merchant Center and don't choose to participate in free listings, your products may not be eligible to appear as rich snippets in your Google Search and Google Images results. Google may still use and display certain product feed data you submit (for example, titles and images) as described in the Merchant Center terms of service, including to improve Google’s services.

Also, if you’ve previously submitted a product feed to Google, you may already have products appearing for free on Google. If you don't want your products appearing in this way, follow these instructions to manage your destinations.

Product data requirements

If you submit a product feed to Google for the first time, you can enable your products to appear for free on Google.

Standard listings

The minimum required attributes to show your inventory for free on Google are:

Enhanced listings

Products that are eligible for enhanced listings will appear in content-rich formats on the Shopping tab, which may boost traffic and drive sales.

In addition to the attributes required for standard free listings, the following attributes are required to participate in enhanced listings. Performance may be limited unless you provide all attributes available in your region:

It's important to note that you must provide shipping costs for enhanced listings on surfaces across Google. You can set up shipping by using the shipping [shipping] attribute in the feed or define shipping settings on the account level. Learn more about shipping settings and how to set up shipping

We encourage submitting as many applicable attributes as possible to ensure accurate and comprehensive data.

Learn more about requirements for the Shopping product data specification

Unavailable attributes

The following Shopping ads attributes aren't available for free listings:

Best practices

Follow these best practices to help your products appear in free standard and enhanced listings:

Add the availability attribute

It’s recommended that you add the availability [availability] attribute for all products you want to appear in free listings. If you don’t, your products may not appear in all search results.

Add a canonical link attribute

You can use the Google Search index [canonical_link] attribute to ensure your products are associated with the correct URL in Google’s Search index.

Set up shipping configuration and shipping policy links

Adding a link to your shipping policy is required for enhanced listings and recommended for standard listings. By adding a link to your policy, you give customers access to important information about shipping rates and times for the products they may want to purchase.

Include your return policy information

Add your return policy information to your Merchant Center account in order to show information about returns in your free product listings. Knowing what your return policy is may determine whether or not a customer decides to purchase a product.

Learn more about best practices for listing your products for free on Google

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