Show products on surfaces across Google

You can enable product data to show on surfaces across Google and let people find information about your products across various Google touch points.

How it works

This free program allows people to see goods from your store on multiple Google platforms, including rich product results on Google Images and rich results on Google search.

Merchants who currently have structured data markup on their website are automatically eligible for rich product results. Make sure to follow the policies to show products on surfaces across Google.

Note: This program is currently only available in the US and India. Check back later for availability in other countries. 


Merchants with an existing product feed

Merchants with an existing product feed are automatically eligible to show products on surfaces across Google. To opt out, follow the instructions to manage destinations.

Merchants without an existing product feed

If you submit a new feed, you can select the destination "Surfaces across Google" to show your products on surfaces across Google.

The required attributes to show your inventory on surfaces across Google are:

It’s also highly recommended that you add the availability attribute. If you don’t, your products may not appear in all search results on eligible surfaces across Google. Learn more about the requirements for the attributes in the Shopping ads product data specification

  • Merchants can use the canonical link attribute to tell Google that you would prefer to use the canonical link for your product in the web search index instead of the value submitted for the link attribute.
  • You may want to add a link to your shipping policy to your program settings. Learn more
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