Show your products for free on Google

You can show your products on Google for free. Learn more by watching our Guide to Free listings livestream and reviewing our presentation.


Free listings allow customers to see product results from your store across Google, such as on the Shopping tab, Google Search (.com), Google Images, and Google Lens. Just as we don't charge websites to be part of the Google Search index in order to organize and display relevant information, participating retailers are also eligible to have their product information organized and displayed for free across Google.

There are two types of free listings that a retailer can provide: enhanced listings or standard listings. Each listing type has separate requirements and they are displayed differently across Google.

  • Enhanced listings:
    • Require more product data attributes and higher data quality standards
    • Product data attributes are submitted only in Merchant Center
    • Appear across the Shopping tab, YouTube, Google Search, Google Images, Google Lens, etc.
  • Standard listings:
    • Require fewer product data attributes
    • Product data attributes are submitted in either Merchant Center or via structured data markup
    • Appear across Google Search, Google Images, Google Lens, etc.

Policy requirements

Note: Your products aren’t guaranteed to show across Google, as we rely on the data you provide to us to then match what customers might be searching for.
  • Follow our policies for showing products in free listings
  • Follow our Shopping ads policies
    • Required for enhanced listings
  • Add a link to your shipping policy in your Merchant Center account to give customers access to important information about shipping rates and times for the products they may want to purchase.
    • Required for enhanced listings and recommended for standard listings
  • Add your return policy information to your website (recommended to also add it to your Merchant Center account) in order to show information about returns in your free listings. Your return policy may determine whether or not a customer decides to purchase a product.

Submit your product data

There are two ways to submit your product data for free listings:

Submit a feed in Merchant Center (recommended)

  • This is required for enhanced listings but optional for standard listings.
    • If you are creating a new Merchant Center account, click “Free product listings” when selecting which program to opt your product feed into. Learn more about product feeds
    • If you have existing feeds already uploaded to your Merchant Center account they may already be opted in to free listings, amongst other programs (i.e. Shoppings ads or Buy on Google). You can confirm by checking the destination setting of the feeds in your Merchant Center account.
      • Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
      • Click Products in the main left navigation menu.
      • Click Feeds to see settings for your different feeds.
      • In the “Destination” column, you will see "Free product listings" if your feed is opted in.
      • If your feed is not opted in, click Growth and then Manage programs in the left navigation menu. Then, click the feature card and follow the instructions to opt in your feed.
  • If your account was created through a partner, your feed was submitted to Merchant Center using the Content API. Any changes that need to happen with your product data will need to be done through your partner portal or discussed with your partner.
Tip: To maximize your potential for exposure in free listings, it’s recommended that you submit your entire product inventory in your product data feed.

Provide structured data markup via on your website

Learn more about how you can use structured data markup to share your product data.

Other ways your product data is used in free listings

  • Data from your Website: Content on your website that’s been crawled and is related to retail may also be included in free listings as product annotations, even if it hasn’t been marked up using or submitted through Merchant Center. This is done to ensure that people see a wide variety of products from a broad group of retailers when they search for information on Google. You can control how your product information appears and opt out at any time by implementing the crawl and indexing controls.
  • Data from Merchant Center: Google may still use and display certain product feed data you submit (for example, titles and images) as described in the Merchant Center terms of service, to improve Google’s services.

Provide the required product attributes

The product information you submit using these attributes is our foundation for creating free listings for your products. You can reference the Diagnostics section under the Products tab in your Merchant Center account to identify any issues with the product data you submit. Learn more about product data specification

Note: If you’re using structured data markup on your website to share your product data, click into each attribute in the table below to find the corresponding attribute name. For troubleshooting, check the errors in Search Console to make sure you’ve added the markup correctly.

Enhanced Listings

Prerequisite: Add all the attributes required for standard listings to each of your product offers.
In addition to the attributes listed below under 'Standard Listings', most of the following attributes are required to participate in enhanced listings:
Tip: For best performance, provide all attributes listed below for both standard and enhanced listings.
attribute additional details (enhanced listings)

Description [description]

Required for all products
Availability [availability] Required for all products

Condition [condition]

Required for each used or refurbished product

Brand [brand]

Required for each product with a clearly associated brand or manufacturer

Gtin [gtin]

Required for all products with a GTIN assigned by the manufacturer
Match your product information with the most relevant queries. Learn more about unique product identifiers.

Mpn [mpn]

Required for all products without a GTIN
Match your product information with the most relevant queries. Learn more about unique product identifiers.

Multipack [multipack]

Required if your product is a multipack
Indicate if your product is multiple, identical products grouped as one product (“10 pairs white cotton socks”).

Bundle [is_bundle]

Required if your product is a bundle

Color [color]

Required for Apparel & Accessories
Submit the primary color of your product. If your product has variants that vary by color, use the Item group ID [item_group_id] attribute to submit each of your variants by color.

Size [size]

Required for Apparel & Accessories
Specify the standardized size of your product. If your product has variants that vary by size, use the Item group ID [item_group_id] attribute to submit each of your variants by size.

Age group [age_group]

Required for Apparel & Accessories
Indicate which demographic your product is designed for. This attribute is used in combination with the gender [gender] attribute to help ensure customers see the correct size information (ie, submit the value “women’s” for an adult female and the value “girls” for a female child).

Gender [gender]

Required for Apparel & Accessories
Specify which gender your product is designed for, or submit “unisex” if no gender is specified. We use gender in combination with your size [size] and age group [age_group] attributes to standardize sizing and departments that are shown to customers (ie, a t-shirt with “male” and “kids” indicated for the gender and age group could be used to display a “boys t-shirt”).

Item group ID [item_group_id]

Required for product variants
Use this attribute to group product variants together in your data.

Shipping [shipping]

Required for all products to define shipping costs
Set up shipping by using the shipping attribute in the feed or define shipping settings on the account level. Learn more about shipping settings and how to set up shipping.

Tax [tax]

Required when you need to override your account tax settings in Merchant Center

Pattern [pattern]

Recommended only for Apparel & Accessories
Use this to describe the pattern or graphic print on your product. If your product has variants that vary by pattern, use the item group ID attribute to submit each of your variants by pattern.

Material [material]

Recommended only for Apparel & Accessories
Indicate the primary materials used in the main part of your product, as customers often search for products by material (for example, “leather jackets”).

Additional image link [additional_image_link]

Recommended only for Apparel & Accessories
Provide up to 10 additional images per product to help customers see different views of your product, in addition to the required image link [image_link] attribute.

Condition [condition]

Recommended only for Apparel & Accessories
Indicate whether your product is used or new.

Size type [size_type] & Size system [size_system]

Recommended only for Apparel & Accessories
Further specify the standardized size of your product in addition to size [size].

Link in Google Search Index [canonical_link]

Recommended for all products
Help Google match your product data with user queries by associating your products with the correct URL in Google’s Search index. If not used, the URL provided in the link [link] or mobile link [mobile_link] feed attribute may be indexed.
Learn more about link attributes and performance reporting for free listings.

Standard Listings

The minimum required attributes to show your products for free as a standard listing type are below:


additional details (standard listings)

Id [id]

Required for all products

Title [title]

Required for all products

Link [link]

Required for all products

Image link [image_link]

Required for all products

Recommendation: Ensure that the image is large enough and does not contain promotional content to avoid disapproval.

Price [price]

Required for all products
If you include specific prices for the price attribute, any price drops based on the running historical average of your product’s pricing may appear in your listings. Learn more about best practices for using the price attribute in your product feed

Provide merchant trust & data quality signals

Eligibility for free listings is based on your account status and the quality of data you provide as high-quality information helps ensure customers will have a positive experience.

We suggest the following solutions to help improve your trust & data quality signals:


Learn how you can track your free listings performance across Merchant Center and the Search Console.

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