Show your products on surfaces across Google

You can enable your products to appear in unpaid (non-ads) product results on surfaces across Google.

How it works

This program allows people to see product results from your store on various Google surfaces, including Google Images, Google Shopping, Google Lens, and Google Search. Just as we don't charge sites to be part of the Google Search index, participating merchants are eligible to appear on surfaces across Google results for free.

To become eligible, participating merchants must follow the policies to show products on surfaces across Google, and meet one of two criteria:

  • Merchants who have structured data markup on their website will automatically have their products shown on surfaces across Google.
  • Merchants who submit a feed through Google Merchant Center can opt-in to surfaces across Google by selecting the corresponding program in Merchant Center. Learn more.

Note for merchants submitting feeds through Google Merchant Center: This program applies to showing your products in unpaid (non-ads) product results on Google. If you submit a feed through Google Merchant Center and do not opt into this program, Google may still use and display certain product feed data you submit (for example, titles and images) as described in the Merchant Center terms of service, including to improve Google’s services.

Also, if you’ve previously submitted a product feed to Google, you may already have products appearing in unpaid (non-ads) product results on surfaces across Google. If you do not want your products appearing across these free (non-ads) surfaces, follow these instructions to manage your destinations.

Best practices

Follow these best practices when showing your products on surfaces across Google.

Create a product feed

Merchants who submit a product feed to Google for the first time can enable their products to appear on surfaces across Google.

The required attributes to show your inventory on surfaces across Google are:​

Add the availability attribute

It’s also highly recommended that you add the availability attribute. If you don’t, your products may not appear in all search results on eligible surfaces across Google. Learn more about the requirements for the attributes in the Shopping product data specification

Add a canonical_link attribute

  • Merchants can use the canonical_link attribute to tell Google that you would prefer to use the canonical link for your product in the web search index instead of the value submitted for the link attribute.

Setup Shipping configuration and Shipping policy links

  • You may want to add a link to your shipping policy to your program settings. Learn more
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