price [price]: Definition


Use the price [price] attribute to tell users how much you're charging for your product. This information is shown to users in your ads.

When to use

Required for Shopping ads. Optional for Shopping Actions.

If the cost per unit is important to your price information, also consider submitting unit_pricing_measure [unit_pricing_measure] and unit_pricing_base_measure [unit_pricing_base_measure].


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure that we understand the data that you're submitting. 

Type Number plus currency (use ISO 4217)
Repeated field No property
(What is this?)
Offer.priceSpecification, Type: Text
(for tax) valueAddedTaxIncluded, Type: Boolean
File format Example entry
Text feeds 15.00 GBP
XML feeds <g:price>15.00 GBP</g:price>

For format API information, please see Content API for Shopping.


Follow these guidelines to make sure that you submit high-quality data for your products and get the best performance from your ads.

Minimum requirements

These are the requirements that you'll need to meet to show ads for your product. If you don't follow these requirements, we'll disapprove your product and let you know on the Diagnostics page of your Merchant Center account. 

  • Make sure that the price on your product data meets the landing page requirements. Learn more about requirements for Google Shopping landing pages.
    • Submit an amount and currency that matches the price on your landing page. Learn more currency requirements for your country of sale.
    • Include the price in the currency of your country of sale prominently on your landing page. 
    • Don't change the price of your product on your landing page based on a user's location. Ensure that users can purchase the product online for the price that you submit, regardless of their location. 
    • Display variants and prices in a straightforward way on your landing page. 
    • Display the submitted product and price prominently on your landing page. If you have multiple variants on your landing page, make sure that the submitted product and corresponding price are the most prominent.
    • Charge the submitted price to all users in the country of sale. Make sure that any user in the country of sale can buy the product for the submitted price without paying for a membership. We do not support regional pricing or membership prices.
    • Include any minimum order value in your delivery settings. Learn more about how to add a minimum order value
  • Don't submit products with a price that constantly changes such as auctions and prices based on a live currency exchange. Products that you submit must be sold at a fixed price.
  • Don't include delivery cost in your price. Instead, use the shipping [shipping] attribute.
  • Don't include any import or export-related costs in your price. Instead, clearly indicate relevant charges on your website. Learn more about export charges
  • Submit a price that's greater than 0.
  • Comply with local laws when submitting price information. 

Best practices

These are best practices that can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimise your product data for performance. 

  • Submit a price that can be represented in your country of sale's currency (according to ISO 4217). For example, instead of 1.0012 GBP, submit 1.01 GBP. If your price can't be represented in your country of sale's currency, then we'll round it to a value that can. 
  • Enable automatic item updates for price [price]. Automatic item updates use the microdata on your landing page to help keep your data fresh. Bear in mind that these updates only happen when Google crawls your landing page, and you still need to resubmit your product data regularly. Learn more about enabling automatic item updates.
  • Use currency conversion as an easy way to target a country that uses a different currency than the one on your landing page and in your product data. If you use currency conversion, the price on your landing page and in your product data must still match. We'll display the converted price in your ad, but the converted price doesn't need to appear on your landing page. Learn more about currency conversion.

Additional guidelines

Review each section closely to determine whether the requirements apply to your country or product. If you don't follow requirements that apply to you, we'll disapprove your product and let you know in the Diagnostics page of your Merchant Center account.

Business-to-business (B2B) focused retailers

  • Submit a price that includes value-added tax (VAT) if required for your country of sale. While B2B retailers can participate in Google Shopping, if you're required to submit VAT in the price, make sure that the same price including VAT is visible on your landing page. Learn more about B2B advertising. 

Minimum order value

  • Specify any minimum order value that you require in your delivery settings. For example, if your product costs GBP 10 and you require users to spend at least GBP 50 to place an order, that would be a minimum order value. Specify a minimum order value of GBP 50 for the affected delivery service. Learn more about how to add a minimum order value

Merchant-defined bundles and multipacks 

Products sold in bulk

  • Submit the price for the minimum number of products that you require a user to purchase. Don't submit the price for just one product if a user can't purchase only one product. For example, if you sell pens and users must purchase at least 50 pens to place an order, submit the price for 50 pens.

Product Samples

If the product that you want to advertise is sold only in bulk quantities but you also allow people to purchase samples individually, you can advertise the sample instead of the bulk quantity. To do so, submit the price of the sample in the feed and begin the title with sample.

Products with minimum advertised pricing agreements

  • Submit the minimum advertised pricing (MAP) value as the 'price' in your product data if you sell the product for less than the price allowed by third-party agreements.
  • Show the MAP price on your product landing page. You can show that you charge a lower price at checkout by adding clarifying text to your product pages. For example, you could display a note such as 'Add to basket for final price' and show the MAP value crossed out or greyed out. The MAP price in your product data must be displayed on the landing page. Learn more about requirements for landing pages.
  • If you use microdata annotations on your website, include the MAP as the price there as well. 

Mobile phone or tablet sold with instalment payments and/or a subscription plan

  • Submit the price as the total up-front payment (including activation fees and device down payment). The price can be as low as 0 if the price of your mobile phone or tablet is subsidised and bundled with instalment payments or a subscription plan. This only applies if instalment payments or subscription plans for mobile devices are allowed in the country of sale. This is not applicable to Latin America where the price is not an up-front payment, but is always the full price of the product. Learn more about requirements for advertising wireless products and services

Tax: Canada and the United States

Tax: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vietnam 

Tax: Japan

  • Don't use the tax [tax] attribute.
  • Include only value-added tax (VAT) by adding it to the price.
  • Display tax on your landing page in 1 of 3 ways:
    • Display the total price including any VAT.
    • Display the net price without VAT, and explain that taxes are excluded from the displayed price.
    • Display the net price without VAT and list VAT separately.

Learn more about landing page requirements.

Software subscriptions

  • Submit the price for the full length of the software subscription, with a minimum of one year. If the prepaid 12-month subscription comes with any subsidised or free periods, include those in the total price. If your subscription costs more (or less) for the first year than for the following years, submit the prepaid price for the first year. If you like, you can instead submit the prepaid price for multiple years. Learn more about submitting software subscriptions.

Export and cross-border trade

  • Prominently state on your website if import-related charges apply. For example, add information on your landing page or during checkout so that users are aware of these costs before they place the order. Don't submit import or export-related cost as part of the tax or price attributes. Learn more about what to do when you deliver across borders
  • Understand which country's price and tax requirements you need to meet. If you choose to advertise in a currency that is not the currency of the country of sale, you must follow the price and tax requirements for the country that your currency is native to.




If your product comes in multiple colours or sizes, you might also have different prices for each of these variants. For example:

An example of ads without placeholder images

Product Google t-shirt
title [title] Google t-shirt – Green – Small
price [price] 10.99 GBP
color [colour] green
size [size] S
id [id] 9876-S-GRN
item_group_id [item_group_id] 9876


Product Google t-shirt
title [title] Google t-shirt – Blue – Small
price [price] 8.99 GBP
color [colour] blue
size [size] S
id [id] 9876-S-BLU
item_group_id [item_group_id] 9876


Product Google t-shirt
title [title] Google t-shirt – Yellow – Small
price [price] 10.50 GBP
color [colour] yellow
size [size] S
id [id] 9876-S-YELLOW
item_group_id [item_group_id] 9876

Phone or tablet with a contract

An illustration with 3 different colors of one mobile phone

Product Google Nexus 6
title [title] Google Nexus 6 – 32 GB – Midnight blue – With contract
price [price] 0.00 USD
google_product_category [google_product_category] Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones
is_bundle [is_bundle] yes


Merchant-defined multipacks and bundles

Product 3 Google t-shirts
title [title] Google t-shirt – 3-pack – Green – Small
price [price] 41.50 GBP
brand [brand] Google
gtin [gtin] 121314151617
multipack [multipack] 3


An illustration of a bundle that includes a camera body, lens, and bag
Product Google 25.3 MP digital SLR camera and accessories
title [title] Google 25.3 MP digital SLR camera body + 35 mm lens + blue camera bag
price [price] 432.50 GBP
brand [brand] Google
gtin [gtin] 123456789011
is_bundle [is_bundle] yes

Products with a minimum order value requirement

If you require a minimum order value, set it in your delivery settings. For example, if you require customers to order products for at least EUR 30 on your website, add a corresponding minimum order value to your delivery settings. Learn more about how to add a minimum order value
An illustration of a jug of milk with GTIN visible
Product Organic Whole Milk
title [title] 1L Organic Whole Milk
price [price] 3.50 GBP
google_product_category [google_product_category] Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Beverages
Delivery settings Minimum order value: EUR 30.00


Products sold in bulk

An illustration of a screw
Product Flat-head screws
title [title] Flat-head sheet metal screws (Pkg. 1,000)
price [price] 7.50 GBP

Unit pricing

Product Eau de Parfum
title [title] Eau de Parfum – 30 ml
price [price] 43.95  GBP
unit_pricing_measure [unit_pricing_measure] 30 ml
unit_pricing_base_measure [unit_pricing_base_measure] 100 ml

Software subscription

Product Google Security Software Basic Edition (1-year subscription)
title [title] Google Security Software Basic Edition (1-year subscription)
price [price] 29.90 USD
google_product_category [google_product_category] Software > Computer Software > Antivirus & Security Software
brand [brand] Google
mpn [mpn] 123GOOGLE432
gtin [gtin] 1234567890123
shipping [delivery] 0.00 GBP 
image_link [image_link]
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