installment: Definition

Use the installment attribute to tell users the details of a monthly installment plan that you offer to pay for your product.

When to use

If you’re targeting Brazil or Mexico and you offer the option to pay for your product in multiple installment payments, submit this information using the installment attribute.

The installment attribute uses 2 sub-attributes:

  • months (required) 
    Integer, the number of installments the buyer has to pay.
  • amount (optional)
    ISO 4217, the amount the buyer has to pay per month


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure we understand the data you're submitting. 

Type Number plus currency
Repeated field No
File format Example entry
Text feeds


Format the value by submitting the months and amount separated with a colon ( : ). Don’t use quotation marks. For example, for 6 monthly payments of 50 BRL each, submit:

6:50 BRL


XML feeds



  <g:amount>50 BRL</g:amount>


Content API v2 (JSON)

"installment": {

   "months": 6,

   "amount": {

       "value": "50",

       "currency": "BRL"



Content API v2 (XML)



  <amount currency="BRL">50</amount>



Follow these guidelines to make sure you submit high-quality data for your products and get the best performance from your ads.

Minimum requirements

These are the requirements you'll need to meet to show ads for your product. If you don't follow these requirements, we'll disapprove your product and let you know in the Diagnostics page of your Merchant Center account. 

  • Meet the requirements of the price attribute with the amount that you submit for installment.
  • Submit the price attribute with the total price for the product.
  • Match the installment plan that you display on your landing page. You can also display other installment options on your landing page, but the plan that you submit must be straightforward to find on the landing page.
  • Don’t require that users have a loyalty card to choose the installment option that you submit. 
  • Don't use the installment attribute for software subscriptions. Software subscriptions must be prepaid, and submit the yearly prepaid cost using the price attribute.

Best practices

These are best practices that can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimize your product data for performance. 

  • Submit exact values for your installment costs accordingly to ISO 4217. For example, submit 1.01 MXN instead of 1.0012 MXN, otherwise we will round the submitted value.



If your product comes in multiple colors or sizes, you might also have different prices for each of these variants. For example:

An example of ads without placeholder images

Product Android T-shirt
title Android T-Shirt - Green - Small
price 30 MXN
installment 3:10 MXN
color green
size s
id 9876-S-GRN
item_group_id 9876


Product Android T-Shirt
title Android T-Shirt - Blue - Small
price 40 MXN
installment 4:10 MXN
color blue
size s
id 9876-S-BLU
item_group_id 9876


Product Android T-Shirt
title Android T-Shirt - Yellow - Small
price 20 MXN
installment 2:10 MXN
color yellow
size s
id 9876-S-YELLOW
item_group_id 9876
Phone or tablet with a contract

You can submit a price as low as 0 for mobile phones or tablets that come with a contract. Learn more about the requirements.

An illustration with 3 different colors of one mobile phone

Product Google Nexus 6
title Google Nexus 6 - 32 GB - Midnight Blue - With contract
price 1080 BRL
installment 12:90 BRL
google_product_category Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones


Product Google Nexus 9
title Google Nexus 9 - 32 GB - Black - With contract
price 1800 BRL
installment 24:75 BRL
google_product_category Electronics > Computers > Tablet Computers
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