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About annotations and badges in Shopping ads and free listings

Annotations and badges are additional information that may be displayed on the Shopping ads or free listings product cards. They help your product stand out and can help increase the performance of your offers.

Google dynamically decides which annotations and badges to display to optimize relevance to users and improve performance for merchants. Providing all the information doesn’t guarantee that the annotation will be displayed for your products. Some annotations are only displayed in specific devices such as mobile and desktop, or surfaces like Google Search and the Shopping tab, or countries. Annotations may be adjusted at any time.

This article covers annotations and badges displayed on Shopping ads and free listings. Additional information may be available in the product viewer, when users click on your product.

Key annotations and badges

Category Title Short description Free Listings Shopping ads
Product-specific annotations Sale price Allows you to set a sale price for potential customers to view how much they’ll save yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Promotion Allows you to set special offers for your product (for example: free shipping, 20% off) yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Product ratings Shows aggregated reviews for your products in the form of a 1 to 5 star rating yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Other product attributes Describes the main characteristics of your product (for example: material, size) yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Merchant badges Top Quality Store badge Displays a “Top Quality Store” badge to improve user confidence in buying from you yes, confirmed Red X icon
Business identity attributes Tells customers about the identity of your business yes, confirmed Red X icon
Shipping and fulfillment annotations Shipping speed Calculates the delivery time based on the customer’s location on eligible ads and free listings yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Return policy Helps customers review the return time frames and other return related annotations on your listings (for example: 30 day return policy, free returns) yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Minimum order value Allows you to indicate a minimum purchase amount before you’ll provide shipping (either at an additional cost or for free) yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Free and fast shipping Allows you to showcase products that can be shipped fast/for free yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Estimated delivery date Calculates the overall delivery time which includes cut-off time, handling time and transit time yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Automatic annotations (no additional data required) Currency conversion Automatically converts the price of the product based on the user’s country yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Price drop Displays a new price alongside the original price of the product for customers to view the price difference yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Local products annotations Local promotions Shows store-specific promotions using the information already updated for your local inventory ads Red X icon yes, confirmed
Regional availability and pricing Provides product availability and variable pricing based on the location of the user yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Pickup today and curbside pickup Indicates that an option to pick up the product at a local store nearby exists Red X icon yes, confirmed
Pickup later Indicates that an option to pick up a product at a local store nearby within a specific SLA (service-level agreement) exists Red X icon yes, confirmed
On display to order Indicates that an option to back-order a product that is not available for immediate purchase exists yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Same-day delivery Indicates which products are eligible for same-day delivery yes, confirmed Red X icon

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