Using Google Analytics and Google Ads together

Linking a Google Analytics property to your Google Ads account can help you analyze customer activity on your website or app. This information can shed light on how much of your website traffic or business comes from Google Ads, and help you improve your ads and website.

Linking accounts allows you to:

If you have a Google Ads manager account, learn how to link Google Analytics to your manager account.

How it works

Moving Google Analytics properties

Google Analytics account administrators can move their Analytics property from one Analytics account to another. Any linked Google Ads accounts will continue to be linked to the property. After the move, users of the new Analytics account will be able to see data from the linked Google Ads accounts.

About the "Linked accounts" page for Google Analytics

After you link your Google Ads account to an Analytics property, you can see the following details in the “Linked accounts” page for Google Analytics in your Google Ads account. Keep in mind that you can only see views, goals, and audiences for Universal Analytics properties only.

  • Views: Shows how many views have been linked for this property. When you place your cursor over the data, you’ll see which views have been linked, and which view’s site metrics have been imported. If the property has any views linked to manager accounts, you’ll also see a breakdown of how many views are linked to manager accounts and how many to your account. Learn about linking Google Analytics and a Google Ads manager account.
  • Goals: Shows how many goals have been imported into your conversion reports for this property. When you place your cursor over the data, you’ll see how many additional goals you can import as well as a link to manage your conversion actions.
  • Audiences: Shows how many remarketing lists have been created for this property. When you place your cursor over the data, you’ll see which lists have been created, as well as a link to create audience lists. 
  • Accounts: If your account is managed by one or more manager accounts, this column shows which manager accounts are linked to a given property. 
    • If the property is linked only to your account and not linked to a manager account, you’ll see “This account” in the column. 
    • If the account is managed by multiple manager accounts (for example, by a sub-manager and a manager account), you can place your cursor over the data to see which manager accounts are linked to the property.
If your account is managed by any manager accounts, you’ll be able to view data for properties that are linked to those manager accounts. 

Best practices: Check mark icon Best practices

Read the Google Best Practices guide about improving Google Ads performance with Google Analytics.

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