About the AdWords reports

To see data in the AdWords reports, you first have to:

The AdWords reports give you post-click performance metrics for users who clicked on your AdWords ads and then came through to your website, or installed and started using your mobile app. These reports provide a window into your users' Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion (ABC) cycle: how you acquire users, their behavior on your site after acquisition, and their conversion patterns. By default, the AdWords reports show valuable ABC metrics from both AdWords (e.g., Clicks) and Analytics (e.g., Bounce Rate), providing you with additional insight into which advertising strategies are working well for you, and which ones could be improved.

Use the AdWords reports to see what outcomes occurred as a result of users clicking on your AdWords ads.

For example, which campaigns are most effective at driving conversions (tracked via the Goals you have defined in Analytics) and revenue? Look at conversion rates and revenue in the AdWords Campaigns report.

Look at the AdWords Keywords report to analyze the effectiveness of each keyword you bid on. The AdWords Hour of Day report can give you insight into the best times of day to target your AdWords campaigns.

Are your landing pages properly paired with your ads? If you see high bounce rates for certain landing pages in the AdWords Destination URLs report, you may wish to redesign the pages (or rewrite the ads).

To quickly act on the insights you generate from a report, just click on the AdWords logo next to the campaign. This will take you straight into the corresponding campaign in the AdWords interface, provided that you have access to the AdWords account containing that campaign.

Note: Currency conversion in the AdWords reports

If your Analytics view uses a different currency than your AdWords account, Analytics automatically converts the AdWords cost data to the Analytics currency, using the exchange rate at the midpoint of the reporting time range. For example, if you've selected January 5th to 19th, Analytics uses the exchange rate from January 12th. This AdWords cost data is used in the Analytics metrics Cost, CPC, and ROAS.

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