Optimize performance with Web to App Connect

This illustration represents using Web to App Connect to optimize performance in Google Ads.
Create a seamless web-to-app journey and experience for your existing and potential customers using the Web to App Connect features.  Web to App Connect enables you to deep link clicks on your ads directly to the right page on your mobile app. Then from within your mobile app, your customers can easily complete their intended actions. You’ll also be able to measure their subsequent in-app conversion actions, such as purchases, sign ups, and add to cart, to track and optimize your campaign performance.

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Why is it important to provide the best possible web-to-app experience?

  • 83% of U.S. retailers agree that app customers tend to make more purchases compared to non-app customers.*
  • 73% of consumers say it is important for them to see brands prioritize a great app experience for their service.**
  • 62% of consumers say convenience is the biggest benefit of using apps over websites.**

*Source: Google/Ipsos, U.S., March 2023
**Source: Google/Storyline Strategies, U.S., Feb 2022 vs. Feb 2022

Benefits of using the Web to App Connect interface

  • Drives better experiences for your users through seamless web-to-app integration
    • For mobile users who have your app installed, drive them directly to the relevant page on your mobile app through deep links.
    • For mobile users who don't have your app, continue to direct them to your mobile website as usual.
  • Delivers, on average, two times higher conversion rates for ad clicks* landing in your app compared to your mobile website
    • It powers better user experiences using native app features (for example, saved user info or push notifications).
    • It optimizes campaign performance to keep your valuable app users engaged, and drive more conversions.

*Source: Google Data, Global divisions, Feb. 2022.

Key features

  • Deep linking: Use deep links to send mobile device users directly to relevant pages in your app rather than your website. People who click on your ads can go directly to the app pages you specify.
  • Conversion tracking: Measure what happens after a user clicks on your ads and lands in your app, like whether they purchased a product, signed up for an account, called your business, or subscribed to your newsletter. When a user completes an action that you've defined as valuable, these user actions are called conversions.
  • Bidding: Select the in-app conversion actions that you want to optimize for using your web campaigns. You may improve your ad campaign performance by using Smart Bidding, which automatically drives higher performance for your business goals, like maximizing conversions or conversion value.

To get started, reach out to your Google Account Manager.


If you’re a web-first advertiser, check out our best practices guide for advertisers using both web and app campaigns to build a seamless customer journey and get the full value from your web and app channels. 

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