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    Upcoming changes to experiments
    March 5, 2019
    We're making some changes to simplify AdSense experiments and update the metrics that they currently offer. These changes will allow us to provide you with more experiment types and more relevant metrics to help you make better-informed decisions. Your Experiments page will be updated over the coming weeks to reflect the following changes: What's changing? The Ad session length and RPM metrics We're replacing the Ad session length and RPM metrics with a new metric called Revenue. Revenue reflects the total earnings outcome of your experiment changes and captures both RPM and session information in a single metric. The Experiments report We're removing the Experiments report from the Reports page. For the remaining experiment types, aggregate metrics will still be available in the experiment details page. We're rolling these changes out in stages, so you might not see them all in your account yet.
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    Important updates to site management
    November 20, 2018
    We recently announced that we're making some changes to the way you monetize new sites with AdSense. From November, we'll start automatically migrating accounts to the new site management experience. We'll be rolling out these changes in stages, so you might not see them in your account yet. What's changing New Sites page We're renaming the My sites page to Sites and are moving it further up the menu to make it easier to find. Any existing sites you're monetizing should automatically appear in the sites list on your new Sites page when your account is migrated. If you notice a site hasn't been migrated, you can easily add it to your sites list. Monetizing new sites To show ads on a new site, you now have to add the site to your AdSense account. Each new site will go through a verification process which checks that you own the domain or have the ability to modify its content. The process also reviews your site for compliance with the AdSense Program policies. After the checks are completed, your site will be marked as "Ready" and you can start showing ads. Learn how to check the status of a site in your sites list. Suggested sites If we detect your ad code on a new site that's not yet in your sites list, we'll ask you whether it's yours. If the site does belong to you, you can click Yes and we'll add it to your sites list. Learn how to add a new site we've detected. Simpler site authorization If you previously used the site authorization feature, this is now turned on by default. This means that the sites listed on your new Sites page are the only sites that are permitted to use your ad code. If a site displaying your ad code is not on your list of sites, then no ads will show on that site. Learn more about managing your sites in AdSense.