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    Finalize your upgrade to the newest version of AdMob
    18 June 2018
    As of today, all AdMob accounts using the previous version of AdMob have been automatically upgraded to the newest version. Finalizing your upgrade Now that your account’s been upgraded, you have 7 days to review your new mediation setup and make adjustments. You need to finalize your upgrade by June 25.  During the 7-day review period, you can return to the previous version of AdMob and upgrade again anytime you want. Your upgrade won't be finalized until you click the Finish upgrade button. After your upgrade is finalized, you won’t go able to go back to the previous version of AdMob. Upgrade deadline On June 25, your account upgrade will be finalized automatically, even if you haven't clicked the Finish upgrade button.  After June 25, you'll no longer be able to return to the previous version of AdMob. More about the newest version of AdMob The new version of AdMob was designed to be app-centric. This means that everything revolves around your apps, including the new navigation structure, ad unit creation, dashboards, and mediation. When you upgrade your AdMob account, you'll gain access to exclusive improvements and new features: App-focused navigation: Your apps are the reason you use AdMob. So, we've reorganized the AdMob user interface to make it easier to manage your apps. Everything you need is within a few clicks.  Dashboards: We’ve created new dashboards to help you understand the overall health of your app ecosystem. Dashboards aren’t meant to replace reports but work alongside them to give you a full view of your app usage and estimated earnings. Closer integration with Google Analytics for Firebase: AdMob surfaces data from Google Analytics for Firebase in the app overview dashboard, so you don't have to leave AdMob to review your user metrics. Mediation groups: We've redesigned the mediation experience to try and help you earn more using AdMob. Mediation groups let you organize your mediation stack into predefined sets of criteria so that you can easily apply them to your ad units. Create a mediation group once, then add all of the ad units you want to apply it to.
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    Changes to the Facebook Graph API
    26 April 2018
    Facebook announced some changes to the Graph API. As a result, the App Access Tokens utilized by the existing reporting API will be deprecated on August 1, 2018 and replaced with new System User Access Tokens. If you're optimizing the Facebook Audience Network in mediation, you’ll need to take immediate action to continue using the latest available data. Facebook Audience Network will continue to serve ads, but it won’t be optimized if you don't update the credentials. To update your AdMob account: Generate new System User Access Tokens to replace your existing App Access Tokens. You can find the steps to do this on the Google Developers site: Steps for Android apps Steps for iOS apps Retrieve the Facebook App IDs for your apps. You can find your App IDs from the My Apps page in your Facebook developer account. Confirm that you have added the System User and apps to the Property in the Facebook Business Manager settings. Use the System User Access Tokens and Facebook App IDs to update the Facebook Audience Network credentials in the mediation section of your AdMob account. After you've updated your account, AdMob should begin optimizing Facebook Audience Network in mediation. Important notes about the System User Access Token When you generate a System User Access Token, Facebook Business Manager requires you to select an app. Selecting any one app will ensure the connection between Facebook Audience Network and all your apps. As a best practice, generate only one System User Access Token for use within AdMob for all of your apps. AdMob can only access reporting data for permissioned apps.  If the Optimized status for the Facebook Audience Network shows an “Error” status in the mediation groups table of your AdMob account after 72 hours, check that you have added the System User and apps to the property in the Facebook Business Manager settings.  
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    Updates to your Mediation report
    3 April 2018
    The newest update to AdMob’s reporting experience, AdMob Reporting Beta, includes changes to the way your mediation data is managed and stored.  Your AdMob Mediation report will now surface key metrics for your mediated ad networks such as matched requests and match rate—metrics traditionally not surfaced by third-party networks. You’ll also be able to segment your mediation data by mediation groups, giving you greater insight into your overall yield management strategy. To pave the way for better mediation reporting, we’ve had to deprecate historical mediation data. Note that this is just a reporting change, and your historical earnings will not be impacted in any way. Historical mediation data not associated with a mediation group may not be available in the new AdMob Reporting Beta, but can be accessed through the legacy reports link. To preserve your historical data, export your legacy reports.
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    eCPM floors now located in ad unit settings
    14 March 2018
    We're updating the way eCPM floors are set up in AdMob.  By setting an eCPM floor, you’re instructing the AdMob Network not to serve ads that are below the minimum eCPM floor value you've set.  Previously, the eCPM floor value was entered when you created a mediation group. Starting today, you should instead set the AdMob Network eCPM floor value when you create or edit an ad unit. The eCPM floor can be set for each of your ad units, individually. Learn more about AdMob Network eCPM floors
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    Introducing AdMob Reporting Beta
    7 March 2018
    Last year, we completely redesigned AdMob to make it more app-centric. Since then, we’ve been working hard to upgrade our reporting experience to be faster and simpler to use so that you can spend less time analyzing your reports and more time building apps you love. When you sign in to your AdMob account and view your reports, you'll noticed several improvements and new features: Saved reports: We know that customizing your reports takes a lot of time, so when you finally get it right, we want you to be able to come back to it again and again. Saved reports will allow you to quickly access regularly used reports and share them across your organization. New reporting interface: We’ve created a more flexible report layout that lets you choose the way you want to view your report. You can now add up to 6 charts to your report, and we’ve removed the limit to the number of metrics you can view at once. Responsive design: We want you to have access to your reporting information wherever you are! The new report layout is responsive, so you can view your data directly from your mobile devices. Due to differences in the way reporting data is managed and stored in the new AdMob Reporting Beta, historical mediation data may not be available in the new user interface.  To preserve your historical data, export your legacy reports.
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