Custom attributes in tab-delimited data feeds

Custom attributes allow you to include additional information about your item. You can include an unlimited number of custom attributes in your tab-delimited data feed. For XML formats, please see the XML Namespace Module for more information on creating custom attributes for that format.

Please note that custom attributes are separate from the custom label attribute you can use to subdivide your Shopping campaign

Defining your Custom Attribute

To define a custom attribute in a tab-delimited file, you must start the attribute with a "c:". For example, if you would like to define an attribute called store_department, the attribute in the header column should be called c:store_department. You must use underscores ( _ ) to denote spaces. You may also include information on the value type based on your custom attribute. For example, c:store_department:string lets us know that the custom attribute "c:store_department" has a "string" value type.

The following types are supported.

Type Description Example Attribute Example Value
string Any text string. c:favorite_movie:string Total Recall
integer Whole number value. c:revenue:integer 32000000
decimal Number with a decimal point. c:engine_displacement:decimal 3.5
dateTime Date and time, in ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss. (Times are based on the 24-hour clock.) You can also create a range of dates by including a start and end date, each in this format, and separating them with a forward slash. Note: all dates and times are in PDT (GMT -7). c:birth_time:dateTime 1979-10-12T03:44:26
c:dates_employed:dateTime 2004-03-20T09:00:00/2006-03-10T17:00:00
location Location value. Addresses should be formatted as: street, city, state, postal code, country. Each location element should be separated by a comma. c:interview_location:location 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA
URL HTTP URL. c:favorite_search_engine:url
boolean Value may be TRUE or FALSE. c:promo_offer:boolean TRUE

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